#SCBDReview: Cut & Ombre at September’s Spa & Hair Salon in Brick, NJ



photo 4

This month I had the opportunity to get my hair done by Jessica Rossi at September’s Salon & Spa on Brick Boulevard in Brick, NJ. When I came in, I fell in love with the space right when I walked in. I was welcomed warmly and they offered to take my coat right away. So now let me tell you more about my wonderful experience….

photo 1

I was then taken to Jessica’s room, where she works her magic. We discussed what I wanted and after talking ideas I decided to a little cut and an ombre. I was a bit nervous because she was making part of my hair darker, which I’ve never done but she did not disappoint. Jessica has been a hairstylist for 10 years and even teaches at the new stylist at the salon about the field and the same at the local vocational school. You can definitely see her expertise in her work.

photo 2

It was a bit different for me at first but after awhile I became and am completely confident with my new look. Honestly it was just what I needed to liven up my image and I am so HAPPY with the way it turned out.

I was extremely impressed by everything at the salon. I felt like I could be myself, was comfortable, my stylist Jessica was also on point with what I needed. I loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone who lives by the shore. I know I’ll be back.

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