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Interesting place, this Meemom’s. I expected it to be comfy-kitchy, but it was more upscale-delicious with a healthful hint.

I’ve now been to Meemom’s twice. My first visit was for lunch with my co- teacher. We rarely get out for lunch, but this day we had a teacher in service and I just had to get to this place that everyone was talking about. The menu was different, but in a good way.

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They have a coffee bar with all sorts of fun and funky coffees, but we just decided on the coffee of the day, it was Summatra, and delicious. We each had a sandwich, but at Meemom’s a sandwich is much more than just a sandwich. I chose to have a MonteCristo and here it is served with what they call Spuds. They are yummy crispy potatoes with onion and green peppers. My co-teacher had the Sam-Wich which came with pasta salad. But apparently this pasta salad is just not any pasta salad. She kept saying “This is REALLY good pasta salad”. So eventually I got the drift. REALLY! As we left that day, we heard the cashier tell someone, the usual “See you soon” and his reply was “Yeah, soon…I’ll be back tomorrow!”

The next time I went it was for breakfast and I was with my companion and Small Chick Big Deals, Sara, herself! My companion and I had the coffee of the day again. Sara had one of the Specialty drinks. The menu just looked so good we couldn’t decide between the sweet and the savory. We decided to have the Crazy Monkey French toast to share as a breakfast appetizer. Maybe more places should serve something like this. It was stuffed with homemade peanut butter, marshmallow spread, and fresh cut bananas & topped with walnuts served with chocolate butter. Oh, yeah.

For our main dish, I had the Jersey Omelet which included diced pork roll, tomato & American cheese and of course those Spuds. It certainly did Jersey justice! My companion had the Breakfast Enchilada which was two tortillas stuffed with scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, sausage, & topped with homemade cheese sauce & melted cheddar jack cheese. Bet your mouth is watering now? Lastly, it was Sara’s turn to order, she had the Steak Benedict, which was skirt steak, spuds & two poached eggs served over toasted biscuits topped with hollandaise sauce. There are so many good choices to choose from, you really need to check out the menu for yourself and come to Wall.

I, myself, will certainly go back and secretly hope Meemom’s opens a place in Howell as well.

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SCBD’s POV: Like Arlene mentioned above, I expected the usual diner-like, Jersey-style like eatery upon walking into Meemom’s in Wall but it was nothing like that. Meemom’s is now my favorite breakfast joint in the area because the menu is fun and filling and the staff is on point.

On the website, the restaurant is described as, “Meemom was hands down the sweetest woman anyone could ever know. From close relatives to relative strangers, everyone called her “Mom”. She just had a way about her that made people feel at home. Whether it was with her infectious smile, her warm embrace, or her unbeatable cooking, Meemom’s biggest joy in life was bringing joy to others. We can only hope that the home cooking at Meemom’s Kitchen, created from recipes passed down from Meemom herself, can continue to pull people together and bring smiles to their faces.”

Meemom’s Kitchen is just that, the first time I went I got a cappuccino and fresh squeezed orange juice, the Crazy Monkey French Toast, and the Steak Eggs Benedict. Meemom’s unlike most breakfast joints around here has an extensive coffee bar so my cappuccino was satisfying and the fresh squeezed OJ did not disappoint. Next, came out our Crazy Monkey French Toast which was perfect for three people to split. It wasn’t too sweet and you didn’t feel too guilty eating it. Last, came our separate entrees we each ordered. Arlene and her companion were satisfied with their choices as I was with mine. The steak eggs benedict were great, tons of flavor, great portion. They were served on a biscuit instead of an english muffin which I didn’t mind.

The last time I stopped by, I had what Arlene got for breakfast when the three of us went– the Jersey Omelette. The Jersey Omelette is one of their signature dishes and has tomatoes and pork roll (or Taylor Ham to some of you) in it. I’m very picky on how much pork roll I consume oddly but it had just enough in it to balance with the tomatoes perfectly.The omelette was also fluffy so it was great to eat!

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If you are local and haven’t been to Meemom’s yet, make it your next breakfast destination. If you are coming to the Jersey Shore over the summer, make it your breakfast destination. I highly recommend it and I hear they are talking about opening shop in a town a bit closer to me and honestly…I can’t wait!

Meemom’s Kitchen
Plaza 35
1825 Highway 35
Wall, New Jersey 07719
Open everyday 6am-3pm


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