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A professional Fitness trainer, founder of Amenzone Fitness and foundation, motivational speaker, and soon-to-be published writer, Amen Iseghohi, launched a series of fitness DVD’s called ‘Amenzone Rebel’ and ‘Amenzone Rebel Xtreme’.I am happy to have the opportunity to try some of these workouts out! Amenzone was created as a foundation and fitness program. Amen’s motivation and determination came from when he was younger; he remembered visiting his Grandmother at the age of 8 in West Africa. While there he learned and was introduced to the simplicity of movement, through workouts, dance, and even normal movements.  (http://www.amenzone.com/) He then took these movements and created his Amenzone Movement. Now he put it together for people to do at home by creating this movement into a fitness program, now DVD program, and a foundation to help fight against childhood obesity and self-esteem issues. This organization is known as Amenzone PE Foundation.  This is a non-profit organization and proceeds from the sales goes towards this great foundation.

The best part of all of these fitness programs within Amenzone is that the programs don’t focus just on your body, but also is put together to include the entire body. It works with inspirational and self-improvement. “Amenzone Rebel fitness program is not just about achieving physical fitness, but more about achieving both physical and mental wellness. “ (amenzone.com)

This workout on the DVD is for anyone at any level.  It goes through a full body workout, mixed with high intensity, and motivational and creative ways to interact and learn. You feel an improvement right away, at least I did. I felt more motivation to push myself harder and not to be a bystander. He quotes throughout the video by saying ‘You are either in or out, this is not a Spectator Sport”. And this simple quote seams very obvious, but when he says it the words help to have you push yourself harder. Put your whole self in the workout, commit 110%. Throughout the DVD, all the quotes are fabulous and really get your mind thinking in a way to help you work out. Strength is important in working out, but mental is also just as important. If you have no motivation or drive to work out, you are not going to get far on your journey. You feel yourself become stronger as you do the workout more and more, stronger mentally and physically. It is a new way to move and workout.

Amen goes by the quote of “Training for Life,” which means you are preparing yourself for life, not just a work out and to look good, but internal. Giving you a drive and reason to be healthy and change your lifestyle.

The first DVD is Amenzone Rebel; it is a 40 minute beginner workout. This uses no weights, just yourself and own body weight. The second DVD, Amenzone Rebel Xtreme is a more high intense workout that helps challenge your to the next level.

Both can be combined with Amenzone’s Tire, or any weight or object you have available to you that is safe to use. The prices of the DVD’s are also super affordable! They go for $9.95 each and can be purchased online at www.amenzonedvd.com.

Now it is my turn to try it out, I will be doing the Amenzone Rebel workout from DVD one first then the Amenzone Rebel Xtreme.  My first reaction when the work out was that it is a hard workout! I loved it. Throughout the video they offer an easier option or an option without the Rebel workout Tire. I did not have the tire, so I used a Bosu ball instead. I incorporated lifting and doing pushups and various workouts with the Bosu Ball. Some things I still could not do, so I followed the people without it on the DVD. He is great with motivating you to push yourself and says some great quotes throughout the video. My favorite quote is “This is not a spectator Sport”. I loved this one because it is true, don’t just stand back and watch, keep moving and motivate yourself to not stop until the end of the workout. He has you always moving, which is fabulous!

amenzone dvd 1 workout


During this DVD, as I said I used the Bosu Ball to do some workouts. I have some pictures of myself in a few poses with how I used the Bosu during the DVD below.

This workout is fabulous. I loved doing this workout, and as the workouts went on I could push myself harder during each move. I loved it and do want to share my joy with how much strength I am gaining by doing it. The first session I did have to really push myself, but now I know what to expect, which I love because I can now push myself even harder during certain spots. I highly recommend this DVD, and the second one!

The second DVD, Amenzone Rebel Xtreme, is harder than the first one. It adds in more cardio and harder moves. More great quotes throughout this DVD and new moves that come together to be a harder and effective workout routine. I equally love both DVD’s and the good thing about it if I do another workout and a DVD I stick to the first one, if I want a harder workout not combined with another workout, I stick to DVD 2. Either way, you are going to get a really good workout and gain strength mentally and physically while doing so.

Amenzone Rebel Xtreme’s workouts are harder, but I was still able to incorporate the Bosu ball as part of the workout.

Here is a list of the workouts and what I used the Bosu with.


amenzone dvd 2 workout

As part of the DVD, there is an option to take a Grit test. It is a short test that acts as a guideline of how much muscle or strength and endurance you gain. They recommend you take this test every four weeks or so.  This is an awesome way to keep track of your strength throughout the process or just in general of your workouts. A scale does not always measure if you lost weight or gained muscle, most scales don’t differentiate between the two. So this allows you to actually feel and see the difference by completing this test every four weeks. The test is as follows:

1 minute Push-ups

1 minute Squat Jumps

1 minute Core Sit-Ups

The goal is to see how many of each you can do in the one minute allotted time. Then you add up the reps of all three. That total is your Grit Number. As an example, I did 20 pushups, 50 Squats, and 20 Core sit ups. My Grit number is 90. This was the first day I did the workout and test.

As a final note I would like to quote Amenzone Fitness “Movement is Life. Mind and Body are one.”

        'tire' bosu swing step 1 'tire' bosu swing step 2 plank on bosuCrunch step 1Crunch step 2Lunge with bosu

These are pictures of me using the bosu ball instead of the tire with some of the workout. Enjoy and be safe. 

For more information about Amenzone Foundation, please visit www.amenzonefoundation.org




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