#SCBD Birchbox Monthly Review- February


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Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish in Mini Kitten Heels. I absolutely love this nail polish. The color starts at a florescent pink and changes to a bright magenta/purple and reddish. It is amazing. It goes on so easily and dries fairly fast. It stays shiny when it dries and hardly any lines show up. I highly recommend this nail polish, as well as this color. If the other colors are as fabulous as these, then it is so worth the risk of buying it. Mostly because I know I will love it. And having it change when outside makes it that much more cool. So it is not just a boring nail color, it varies depending on the lighting around you. As an added bonus, it doesn’t chip that easily. Of course it will if you use your nails a lot, but usually by the time I wear it a day, half the polish chips with other nail polish. It has been day 4 and it is only chipping very minimally on the tip of my pointer.

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Dr. Brandt pores no more pore refiner. This product I was unsure whether or not I would use this. I don’t think I have noticeable pores, but I decided to try it because I have heard great reviews of Dr. Brandt products. When putting this on I was surprised to find how light the lotion felt when applying it on my face. It smoothed out so quickly and evenly. I usually use moisturizer under my powder that I use (bare minerals), especially in the winter, but there was no need to with this. All day my skin felt so light and clean. I hardly had to reapply my makeup due to oil and it really left my complexion even. I am sure if you have noticeable pores it would really help reduce and even out. I do have very red cheeks and nose, and this helped dull down that too. There is a light tint to the lotion. A great product.

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Juicy Couture Couture Lala Malibu: I love all of Juicy Couture’s products, they all smell amazing and last pretty long. This specific scent smelled so fresh, great perfume for spring time.

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32 by Thomas P Connelly DDS effervescent Breath Treatment with IsoVoxy cleansing: this is the ultimate breath mint. I received two flavors, one being peppermint and the other ***. These are great; I am obsessed with keeping my breath clean and fresh, so I always chew gum. Gum loses its flavor and you can be rude by chewing gum in some circumstances. So these are good, you can put some in your mouth. They recommend swishing them around with your saliva and rubbing it on your teeth with your tongue for about a minute. Then you swallow. They are almost like pop rocks, you hear them popping in your mouth and working. My mouth felt fresh, it was a neat twist on a mint and gum! The ultimate way to freshen your breath when you can’t brush! The taste of both was good too, the peppermint was my favorite, but I was pleasantly surprised with the honey mint. It smells strong, but the taste is smooth and refreshing!

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Beauty Protector protect and oil. This product is said to protect and guard against UV rays and heat. I think this is a great product to use in the summer, when you are out in the sun a lot more. This product was great, my hair is so soft. I love putting oil on my hair when it is damp, it allows it to dry so much better and makes it feeling so soft and really clean. An added bonus to this is the smell is outstanding. I personally don’t like to use oil on my hair after every wash, but instead doing it once a week and before special nights out. If I am going to curl my hair, I do not do it because it will make my hair too soft to hold the curl. I highly recommend this and actually love the scent better than any other oils I have used.


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