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Sara and I had this awesome opportunity to have a private tasting at Nicole’s 10 Restaurant in Randolph, NJ. This tasting was from the bar, and was their signature drinks made personally by Kyle Trama, a mixologist who’s known as 10NMixer. This day was so much fun, and we both learned so much from Kyle. He was so knowledgeable and knows his liquor.

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We started the night with our first drink, The Easy Side Gimlet. This drink was made with blue coat gin, demerara simple syrup, fresh lime, cucumber, and mint. This was my favorite drink of the night. It was so refreshing and crisp, a great spa like drink. Good for the summer, but even on this snowy day, it was so refreshing.

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The second drink we had was called 9th Ward Sazerac. This was a bourbon drink made with Bulletin bourbon, rich syrup, peychaud’s bitters, and vieux carre absinthe rinse. Rich syrup uses sugar on the raw instead of white sugar. This drink smelled like lemon and licorice. It had a very smooth taste, especially considering it had a slight bitter taste to it. The licorice taste was slight in the drink, a good sipping drink to sit back and relax with.

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The third drink was a Jack Rose. This was made with New Jersey’s own Laird’s Applejack, homemade grenadine, and lemon. This was another fabulous drink, with a crisp refreshing taste to it. It was fruity, but not an overpowering sweet taste. It is another smooth drink, everything combined beautifully.

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It was so great the way he served them too, they were in a neat tasting glass on a slab of wood. It looked so neat to have them lined up like that!

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Next was a drink called Bees Knees. This included Barr Hill gin, goose rock honey syrup, and fresh lemon. This smelled so good, almost like a Lemon Drop, but tasted so much better. It was smooth and just the right amount of sweetness. The honey is locally made, and the combination of this in this drink made it delicious.

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He added two more drinks, the frist one was Negroni and Bitters. This drink was very bitter, it is an acquired taste. The finish was an oaky taste. Something to try if you prefer a more bitter drink! The second one was Pima Cup. This is made with homemade pimms, mixed fruit, demerarara simple, line, and soda. This one is also bitter, but had a smooth and fruity aftertaste. It is almost like when yu let fruit sit in water, the fruit admits the bitter from the skin but the water still includes the sweetness of the fruit. It was a great finish to an amazing night!

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Everything is made in house here, including all the simple syrups and flavors. The Demerarara Simple is made with fine sugar. If you wanted to make your own, you can cook one cup sugar in 1 cup water. You can add other flavors, such as cinnamon or nutmeg and add more or less sugar to taste.


Visit the 10NMixer as Nicole’s Ten Restaurant off of Route 10 in Randolph, NJ.

To find more recipes and drink ideas, visit gameofstoves.weebly.com and visit Kyle Trama’s blog.

Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter:

Twitter @Nicolesten


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