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Sara and I had a wonderful opportunity to visit and take a Barre Tone class at Barre3 in Morristown, NJ. We were so excited but never had taken this class at a private studio dedicated to it before. I have taken them at a local gym, but let me tell you this is the best workout class I have ever taken! They recommended for us to wear comfortable clothing, such as yoga type workout pants and a comfortable shirt. Sneakers are not required; in fact they prefer you to wear no shoes. You do have the option of going barefoot or wearing socks. They even make these partial socks (which they sell at the studio- called ToeSox: http://shop.barre3.com/products/barre3-bella-toe-socks#.Ux-Q4I2Ya00) that have a non-slip pad on the bottom and only cover about a third of your foot. The end is open to allow your toes to move freely around.

Finally, they also recommend bringing a water bottle. They do sell water bottles if needed and they also have filtered water available for anyone to have if you need to refill.

No prior experience is needed; this class was great for beginners or the professionals, always offering different options of levels throughout the class. All the things used during the class are also provided (mats, yoga strap, Barre3 core ball, ballet bar, and light weights). Walk-ins are also welcomed, but you can call ahead to reserve a spot too! They sell all types of special packages if you want to buy a pack rather than pay each class as you go.

I am sure one question new prospects may have is what are the benefits of these Barre3 classes. Right on their website they list all the benefits. Some major points are that the class ‘builds long, lean muscles and a strong core’, develop muscle balance, helps increase flexibility and stability, and great motivation and support. This class is for everyone and they even offer childcare during certain class times (check the website for available times). They even recommend this class for pregnant and post-partum clients and minors 14 years and older (with a parent or guardian attending as well).



Walking into the studio, we felt so welcomed and were greeted by everyone, including the owners Rebecca and Lisa. They showed Sara and I a tour, and explained the process of price, locker use, babysitting, and the class. We took off our coats and shoes, locked them up, and went in to start the class. We felt so welcomed into the actual studio, the instructor introduced herself as Taylor and asked for our names. We started slow and then worked right into it. The first few moves were stretching and then we moved into planks on the ballet bar, planks on the floor, different dance moves, and some ab exercises. It varied and does vary in different classes. There were always options to make it harder or easier if needed. I didn’t feel pressured to ‘keep up’ with the instructor or others. We used light weights with high repetitions, and did lunges and holds. The entire time the instructor kept the energy light and free, and always motivating all of us. She said everyone’s names throughout the class, such as ‘Good Job Kristen, keep that up’ and motivating us just when we are ready to give up. I won’t lie, it was a hard class, but by having that uplifted spirit and motivation, it really pushed me to do better for myself and to focus on the movement and my breathing. When the class was over, I felt so empowered and ready to conquer anything. It was not just a fitness class, but instead was a personal workout session with a dozen or more individuals.

As a final note about the class, the instructor also took the time to show us the moves and then get up while we were doing it and be sure we all had the correct form. She would help us out and show us how to do it correctly or modify it if it seemed too difficult. Most classes I have taken (in various locations) do not dedicate themselves to correcting individually and privately. They either don’t modify or help at all or they scream across the room embarrassing you and putting you on display.

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After the class, everyone again was so nice! Rebecca and Lisa, the owners also gave Sara and I a gift bag full of awesome Barre3 things. We did not expect that at all, it really shows their dedication and passion about this class and company. I cannot wait to go back and take another class, in this generous gift they gave us a subscription for 30 Days to their online workouts, a free guest pass to go back and take another class, a Barre 3 water bottle (which I use every day now), a hair band, a Barre 3 core ball, and a Barre 3 DVD. I was so excited to receive this and to be able to spread the word on how wonderful this fitness studio is and how everyone needs to try it out!


SCBD’s POV: I am the type of person who works out occasionally. I honestly think I should work out more since I am always eating but I find my balance. I’ve always loved zumba, and I danced growing up. So I figured taking a Barre3 class would be perfect. The exercises we started with were challenging in the beginning but as the class kept going it got easier. We started doing exercises I used to do in dance which was relieving for me. It felt great to do the exercises again. I know I left the class feeling like I just had a great workout. I’d definitely take a class again and wish there was a studio closer to where I live. 

 Our instructor Taylor, was great and helpful throughout the whole class. Like Kristen mentioned, she’d show us what to do in class but also help us individually and continue to encourage us when we were doing well. Also the owners, Lisa & Rebecca were extremely welcoming. Before we left they gave us each a goodie bag which included a DVD to do some of the workouts at home. I can’t wait to use it! I know I will also definitely be coming back for a class again!

They have various locations all over the United States too. If you check www.barre3.com you can find a location near you.




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