#SCBDReview: Gym-Free Journal




I love learning about new products that will help me reach my workout goals. I’ll try everything and anything to make my exercise dreams come true. When I tried, “The Gym-Free Journal” by Brett Stewart.

I started out by logging my exercises and nutrition for a consecutive 7 days. I wanted to return back and see how well I was really eating. For the most part, I eat healthy, but like everyone else, I do have those slips and crave doritos and donuts. This journal kept me on track and I reminded me of what I was going for– a nice body. It helped me eat better and workout more. I’m a workout guru and spend 3-4 days at the gym, but I worked out for longer and did more machines and more hardcore exercises.

Anyone who doesn’t have the funds to workout and wants to push themselves should think about purchasing this journal. You don’t need a gym to get fit, you can do simply do it at home!

Happy exercising!

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