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On 19 Kenmare Street, in downtown New York lies a little hidden gem of a restaurant called Ken & Cook. Ken & Cook serves American cuisine with a delicious flare. The restaurant has a full bar, and even better a raw bar.


From the bar there is a refreshing cocktail menu. My favorite was the Nolitas Tea made with Avion Tequilla, green tea, cucumber puree, agave, and lime juice. You can get Happy Hour specials not only on drinks, but also on oysters, clams, and mussels. With five different types of oysters to choose from (the Naked Cowboy, Blue Island, Kusshi, Kumamoto, or Malpeque) it can be overwhelming to pick one, luckily all the waiters are extremely knowledgeable and can explain to you which is best for you!

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Moving onto appetizers there is a selection of anything from kale to beef tartare. The Burrata was one of the best Burratas’s I have ever tasted. The fresh ball of mozzarella was served over arugula and champagne vinaigrette with tomatoes. The Burrata paired perfectly with the fresh baked baguettes that are brought to the table.


For the main course if you are looking for comfort food, the fried chicken is the best option. It was an amazing take on a classic American dish. The dish came with three large pieces of chicken fried perfectly you could hear the crisp when you bit into it. The chicken was served with a side of biscuits drizzled in honey and a side of a sweet honey Dijon type mustard.


After my main course I was stuffed but how could anyone ever pass up a desert? Especially a chocolate cake served with a salted ice cream, and accompanied with a cappuccino. If you are looking for a great spot to grab a bite downtown Ken & Cook will not disappoint!

SCBD’s POV: You don’t normally find me downtown, specifically in Nolita when I’m in Manhattan lately. But Ken & Cook is most definitely my new exception. As Christina mentioned, they serve American comfort food with a flair. Christina and I were welcomed warmly when we came in and sat right near the window. I loved the cocktail menu, it was short and sweet but still hard to decide what to drink.

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IMG_3824photo 4

I started with the Lady Marmalade that had house made bourbon, vanilla, fresh lemon juice, angosta and orange marmalade. It was wickedly delicious and a great way to start a meal. Next, came out our burrata which was delicious and some of the best burrata I’ve had. It melted in your mouth and was perfect. I had a hankering for some oysters and saw they were in the happy hour menu too so we tried them. They had a wonderful selection and they tasted delish!

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)

Next, came out our entrees. Christina got the Fried Chicken was crispy and cooked perfectly. I got the Pan  Roasted Duck Breast which was great and served with a sweet potato puree. I don’t think I’ve ever ate so fast. Last, came out coffee and dessert, we were so full but it was worth eating! If you haven’t been to Ken & Cook, I highly recommend it, the food and service are noteworthy! Cheers!


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