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At age 21, Jarrett Arthur developed a passion for self-defense after her mom convinced her to take a class. She wanted nothing to do with it stating, “I was thoroughly convinced that I didn’t need to take a class. I was young. I was strong. I was comfortable with being aggressive and the notion of fighting back. Exactly how I would fight back, who knew, but I was sure I would fight.”

She explicitly says, “It was in that very first 60 minute self-defense class that I fell in love with what the training gives us, as women: empowerment.”

As women, we are more inclined to be vulnerable and more likely to get attacked. We need to be able to defend ourselves and not be afraid.

Jarrett: I can’t stress enough how powerful and important it is for women to learn that they can trust their bodies, their instincts, and their minds to get them through the absolute scariest thing a woman can imagine– being faced with someone intent on doing them or their family harm. When I throw a punch or an elbow strike, with all of my body weight behind it, and feel the explosive force, I know that it’s a tool I can trust to ensure that I stay safe. I think it’s something that many men take for granted; the confidence in their protective abilities. Every female I’ve ever worked with can identify with experience of feeling physically vulnerable and fearful in someone else’s presence. What a wonderful thing, to be able to address and resolve that experience.

What we women need to learn is that we can be strong and stick up for ourselves when we’re in a room full of lean men who want to take advantage of us. Our strength comes through fighting and not allowing fear to take the lead. I asked this inspirational woman to name an experience that shaped and changed her life and how.

Jarrett: I can honestly say the experience that shaped my life the most in regards to having to defend myself was actually taking my very first self-defense class. I was giving answers to questions I didn’t know I had. I was giving hope and confidence in areas of my life I didn’t know were lacking those things. Experiencing the truth that I had the ability to keep myself safe from someone who wanted to hurt me, dominate me, maim me, or even take my life, was an astonishingly profound experience. Without upending my life, I began to look at the world in a different way, carry myself in a different way, and believe in myself in a different way. Those changes have worked to not only keep me safer throughout my life, but to help me succeed in many different aspects of my life.

In terms of her health & fitness journey she says, “My love for health and fitness has actually been a love/hate relationship. I’m the epitome of an A-Type personality. I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a rip-roaring Anxiety Disorder in my teens. I can remember the effects of these much younger.  And, also, balance has been the hardest goal for me to accomplish, still in the works, but while everyone talks about balance between work and family, pleasure, hobbies, free time, few people talk about a balance between eating foods that are nutrient dense and wholesome, and eating foods that are decadent, delicious, and less wholesome.”

When it comes to working out, she wishes others would talk more about that recovery period!

“My hope is that health and fitness topics stop trending, and the conversations turn to goals of lifestyle, balance, moderation, and enjoyment.”

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