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Birchbox and Mally Beauty have teamed together to share and sell a wonderful collection of makeup and products to use every day and on the red carpet. These are designed to last all day, make your feel beautiful, and create a masterpiece of easy and beautiful makeup.

Mally Roncal is a celebrity makeup artist who wants to share her tips, secrets, and techniques with clients from all over. Not just celebrities, but every woman. She believes that her products are ‘High Performance Beauty,’ which means they are designed to deliver top quality products and advice to go along with it. These top shelf products are created with the idea to not only be able to wear these on the red carpet, but to be able to use these in an everyday atmosphere and beauty routine.

Mally grew up in New York City with a dream and passion for glam, fashion, and makeup. She even started experimenting and practicing her makeup techniques as a young girl on her biggest inspiration, her mother. She grew up following a very inspirational philosophy by her parents of, “The things that make us different are the qualities that make us beautiful.” Mally started her path in life towards Pre-Med education, but realized her true role was to work with makeup. Mally has worked with many celebrity A-Listers and doesn’t just put make up on these celebrity clients, but instead had the ability to make them look and feel beautiful. Not only does she do makeup, but she also shares her secrets and how-to’s on blogs, television shows, and magazines. Her true passion is sharing her knowledge, art, and love of beauty and makeup. “Mally made it her mission to share her beauty philosophy—empowering women everywhere to celebrate the differences that make them so fierce, fabulous, and amazing.”

Her makeup line, Mally Beauty, came from this passion for helping the real woman and celebrities get a whole line of different products that “are user friendly, multitasking products that truly stay put all day”.

Thanks to Birchbox and Mally Beauty, I have received these three amazing products. The first product is the Mally Lip Magnifier in Nude Rose. This is combo lipstick and lip gloss, which makes it have a great pigment with the shine of a gloss in a creamy type lip pencil. They offer them in seven different shades. This also has the aid to give the illusion of fuller lips.

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This magnifier is magnificent. It stays on long and goes on so easily. I am picky with lip colors, but I truly like this one. It is so easy to glide on, is not sticky, and lasts. It also keeps my lips feeling moisturized. The color I was sent was also very pretty, it wasn’t too dark or bright, it was a perfect tone for day wear or going out! Another great product!

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The second product is the Evercolor Shadow Stick in Taupe. This is an eye shadow stick that lasts. It is a cream based, so it is a great primer, but also can be used as a liner. All of Mally’s line has great versatile uses. To start off, the color is perfect! It is a classic color that can go with everything and go to any event. It is great during the day with lighter accents and fabulous as a smoky eye accent. This Shadow Stick also went on very easily and smooth. It is great to use alone, especially as a quick and easy application. It is also very fashionable and looks great. You can add other shadows and use this stick as a base. I used it alone during the day and on one evening added a darker shadow to create a smoky eye. It blended underneath so well. Wondering if it lasts, well it lasted all day! I did not need to worry about reapplying. The color stayed all day! As a bonus, you can also use this as an eye liner, smudged or alone. Another great product and my new obsession!

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Finally, the third product was an Everycolor Poreless Face Defender. This will help aid the look of pores and fine lines. It helps create and flawless, smooth look and long lasting finish. This is used as a primer and will help keep on your makeup all day. It allows you to go all day without having to touch up your makeup and reapply. It keeps your skin looking flawless, smooth, and natural all day. This is a must use, I use this daily now! It is so light and goes on so smooth. I recommend watching to ‘how-to’ videos, but basically you dab the sponge in the clear makeup and dab it on your face. It is so light, so it does not feel like it is on the sponge or going on your face, but do not worry it is and it works! There is no smell, I was afraid it would smell different, especially because it is a clear and different material of makeup. Finally, it is supposed to keep your base makeup on all day, and it does not. There is no need to touch ups anymore halfway through my work day! It keeps my makeup smooth, fresh, and perfect! I highly recommend this and all Mally Beauty products! It even stayed on during my work out after work, a great product!

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As a final note, I love their website and social media pages. They all offer amazing tips, tricks, and even videos on how to apply the makeup. As far as the beauty products, I already want to get more of this amazing makeup. I am so happy with all three products and would love to try more. These products are available online (at www.mallybeauty.com/), through QVC (www.qvc.com/mally), also on Birchbox (www.birchbox.com/shop/brands/mally-beauty), and finally in Ulta stores/online (www.ulta.com). Lucky enough for me I can go to my local Ulta store to see them in person and buy them! You will get the best selection online but it is great having these other options available to buy them! I already know that I am going to purchase the foundation and concealer! I’ve been searching for one and I am so psyched to try them out! From the quality of these three I was able to test I know all of Mally’s products are going to be fabulous!

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Product List:

  • Mally Lip Magnifier in Nude Rose
  • Mally Evercolor Poreless Concealer System Face Defender
  • Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in Taupe


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