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On Monday, April 7th, the Hyatt Morristown will be hosting a 4 course Beer Dinner featuring craft beers from Yards Brewing Company. The meal kicks off at 6 PM with Artisanal Flat Bread as an appetizer, a choice of smoked salmon or braised pork belly as an entree, and caps off with chocolate bread pudding with dessert. Each dish is accurately paired with a craft beer from Yards: malt, pale ale, tavern ale, and porter ale.


Established in Philadelphia back in 1994, Yards “strives to achieve balance and subtlety through careful selection of ingredients and an unwavering commitment to artisanal production practices.” From English roots and humble beginnings, Yards uses their success and expertise to give back to their community and the environment. Nearly 70% of the brewery’s employees are Philadelphia residents, and they’ve donated over $20,000 and 2,000 cases of beer to local charities including Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, American Cancer Society, and The Food Trust. Yards uses 100% off the grid wind power to run their brewery and composts food scraps, water, and spent grains to further reduce their carbon footprint. Many of the brewery’s signature items, including their packaging and bar tops, are recycled, re-purposed, and certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

If food, booze, and community outreach seem like your idea of a good time, then book a reservation at the Hyatt Morristown this Monday. The restaurant manager can be reached at  (973) 647-1234


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