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When I bite into the Usana Fudge Delite Bar, my taste buds were oozing with delight. I broke pieces off in order to enjoy the full experience and it was worth it! I had to try this delectable treat and write about the flavor and taste of this bar.

Well, for starters, whenever someone sees the word “fudge” or “chocolate,” there’s

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no such answer as “no.” Unfortunately, I’m not really able to have chocolate because it doesn’t sit well with my stomach, but do you think that stops me from having it time-to-time. I couldn’t help but want another one after I finished off the final bite. The bar is more on the hard side, but it’s soft enough to break into pieces. I savored each chocolate swirl at a time. I needed to appreciate what was in front of me and I took about 5 minutes to eat it because of that.

Usana Bar

I would recommend this Usana product to anyone who is obsessed and cannot live without chocolate. In the end, you so won’t be sorry! With just 180 calories of pure bliss, you cannot go wrong. Also, it’s gluten free, non-gmo, low glycemic, doesn’t have trans-fat and has filled with protein! Who could reject such a delightful product? The next time you’re searching for something sweet, but sure to pick up a box of Usana’s Fudge Delite Bars! Happy eating!

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