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When it comes to health & fitness, Shana Schneider knows best how to get others to stay in shape and keep that motivation going by creating a media company focused on helping every week a FITWEEK.

“FITWEEK provides tips and tools for bringing fitness into your everyday life,” Shana explains. “From finding a workout that fits your lifestyle to providing ways to add fitness into daily routines like getting ready in the morning, to spending time in the office, to prepping for dinner or spending time with friends and family. FITWEEK is a community of people who are learning to turn every week into a FITWEEK.”

By combining her love for health & fitness with the Olympics, she stays fit by staying consistent with her workouts.

“The Olympics are about seeing the best athletes compete. There are two major things I’m struck by in these athletes– their determination and consistency. When they fall, they get back up,” Shana says. “So, when I have a completely off day and my usual fitness routine can’t be done, I get right back to it as soon as possible. In order to stay consistent, I also get creative to find ways to be active even if I can’t get to my favorite fitness class or get in that 30-40 minute workout.”

At times, it can’t be easy to just continue that workout because we all have those “lazy days” where we’d prefer to pig out and not workout. However, that’s not the way to be because you end up gaining weight. Let’s just avoid that and at least take 20 minutes to do some sort of physical activity. I wanted to know how Shana stays in such good shape.

“I’m all about group fitness. I love a good Zumba class, but also try to mix in a yoga or pilates class once or twice a week. I also make it part of my fun time, so instead of going to a movie, my friends and I will swap out the movie for a yoga class,” Shana says. “I also have a short daily morning workout, which involves squats while brushing my teeth and then sit-ups and a few push ups right before I get into the shower. I’ve turned this into a habit and feel like I’ve set the tone for the day, too!”

You don’t have to be in the gym to exercise, you can do this anywhere! Shana has a FITWEEK Vlog where she creates fitness videos. Her video called “TV Binge Watching Workout” shows people that you can work-out while staying glued to the tube! She puts her arms behind your head and twist side to side. By this, you’ll work out your abs and waistline. Therefore, no more excuses!


To find more about Shana Schneider’s FITWEEK Channel subscribe to her page: https://www.youtube.com/user/FITWEEKvlog

Happy watching!

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