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Are you looking for a game that involves health, fitness & fun? Well, you should check out Pig Board Snout A Pig.

Stephanie Lough, the publicist for this popular game says, “The key to the game is turning negative thoughts and feelings into positive action. The game is simple – players take a picture of something that represents an issue they are battling in life (be it a photo of their favorite dessert, to an ex that they never got closure on, the theme is entirely customizable to the group!), and share with the group their lingering negative feelings. This can be as silly/funny to serious/thoughtful as the players chose to be. After their story, they “snout” the image to The Pig Board, and with it they vow to let go of those pent-up feelings for good!”

While there are gyms, fitness equipment, home video workouts, this is a game to get you in the mood to work your muscles! If you’re looking for something new & exciting, be sure to check out this game!

The Pig Board can be a great motivational tool several ways – both as a game for a weightless support group, or as simple visual reminder for individuals to stay on track, shares Stephanie. She also mentions that, “It is important to note that in no way does The Pig Board imply that people who are trying to lose weight are piggish or should view their former selves as piggish. The Pig Board is simply a cute “friend” who is available to take any emotional burdens (or decadent chocolate cake recipes) off the shoulders of his owner!”

But, I was very curious about this game and asked how it assists someone who wishes to get in shape.

“Like a vision board can help inspire you to reach your goals, The Pig Board can be used as “fit”spiration, as well as give you the opportunity to discuss your fitness successes (and fails) with a group of like-minded individuals. Studies have shown that people are more likely to stick with their exercise and diet plan when they are not alone!” Stephanie says.

Pinned Board

Everyone is so focused on the act of working out and no one takes the time to think how mental it can be. You must be in a certain mindset to get motivated. You can’t just decide one day, “I’m going to work out” because more than likely, it won’t happen.

“Mental wellness is just as important as physical health, and while there are gyms, fitness classes, equipment and so much more available to help people maintain physical health, caring for mental health is a much more taboo topic,” Stephanie says. “The Pig Board opens to door to healthy dialogue between friends, promoting emotional strength and therapeutic release of mental burdens.”

For more information, visit– http://snoutapig.com/

Happy workout!

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