#SCBDReview: #Health and #Fitness Vemma Products




I’m a health & fitness guru and once I tried some Vemma products after my latest workout. I couldn’t get enough of the flavor and taste. I felt honored to be able to sample some hearty and healthy dietary supplements. The box contained a bundle of healthy goodness. These products are packed with vitamins and essential minerals!

Once I took my first guzzle of Vemma’s Next Orange Blast Ultra-Premium Dietary Supplement, I knew I fell in love. It’s filled with orange flavor and its super yummy! I was sent a bunch of Vemma products along with that one such as Vemma Verve, an energy supplement, Vemma’s Chocolate and Vanilla Bode shake and Vemma’s ultra-premium antioxidant supplement.


One by one, I tried each and had a love affair with all of them. I couldn’t choose which was my absolute fave, but I’d say I loved Vemma’s Vanilla Bode Ice Cream Shake the most because I’m a vanilla gal at heart. The ingredients read to mix this powder along with an 8 oz. glass of water and add ice.  It was so simple, so tasty and so healthy and I wanted more. I’d recommend Vemma products to anyone who is looking for some dietary supplements in their life.

Happy drinking!

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