#SCBDEvent: [email protected] comes to Howell on May 10th!



Calling all my Howell & Jersey Shore area natives, this event is for you & SCBD is one of the media sponsors so we will be there…

Chris Rockwell and Eric McGrath are proud to present LiveStock, an event for all ages, free to enter, inspired by the local talent and small businesses in the Jersey Shore region. The event will include local bands, vendors, sponsors and artists of all mediums. The whole ranch will be fully functional that day as well, providing the opportunity  to interact with the petting zoo, horse and pony rides, and more. Zebro, a zebra at Legacy Ranch and the LiveStock mascot, will also be available to interact with the public.


LiveStock was created to give local talent in the area an outlet to be showcased. The goal of  LiveStock is to foster the talent and provide an opportunity for their fan base to grow. “The point of it being free is that in recent years, promoters charged people exorbitant amounts of money to get into festivals and concerts that are clearly only there to generate profits. We care  about the local scene and its growth,” says Rockwell in regards to how the idea of LiveStock came into existence.

Rockwell and McGrath decided to create LiveStock after McGrath attended an open mic in the area and was amazed at the talent. McGrath, Operator at Legacy Ranch, knew these artists needed a bigger venue. “My goal is a simple one,” said McGrath, “to display and celebrate the  exceptional culture in our own backyard.”

Concert sound and lighting is provided by Ugly Door Studio of Toms River.

Featured bands include:

  • Accidental Seabirds
  • Amy Malkoff & The Moonshines
  • The Battery Electric
  • Bog Iron Bloom
  • Chris Rockwell & The Stickball Social Club
  • Deff-Ray
  • Harper’s Fellow
  • Jim Mill
  • Joe Miller & Kuf-Knotz
  • John Gilman
  • The May Darlings
  • Moon Motel
  • Nathan Dickinson
  • Prehistoric Forest
  • Puppy Grease


For continuous updates on the event please visit www.facebook.com/LiveStockLegacy

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