#SCBDReview: @RestauranThalia; a #NYC Theatre District Restaurant Worth Going To

scbdreviewThalia (New York, Ny)

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Thalia is located on Eighth Avenue in New York. It looks like it would be a small place but in fact it is not. The ceilings are high. The bar is outstanding with a lounge area with couches. Then it opens up to the dining area. The dining room has different levels of seating and a huge glass wall that has all the wine on display that they offer.

My boyfriend and I came here for lunch and got reservations through Open Table. We were greeted and seated. Our table was cute against a column, a perfect size. We started off with water and ordering a drink. I got a mojito and Rick got a Stoli and Diet Coke. The mojito was so fresh and out of this world. It was made really well, and was so refreshing. I am very picky with my drinks, so this one was an A plus. They serve sushi and American food, such a great variety of healthy and fresh foods. The foods vary from Salads to burgers, vegetarian dishes to ravioli, and Mac and Cheese to Rancheros.

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We started off with a Fantastic Sushi roll; this was tuna, salmon, yellowtail, soy bean paper, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, and wasabi mayo. It was so fresh tasting and good, it was also fresh made. It was soft and full of wonderful flavor, definitely a high grade fish.

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Next, we ordered raw oysters, my favorite kind, the Kumomoto. We only got a half dozen, these also tasted so fresh. They did not have any fishy or salty taste and no grit or sand in them.

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Then for our main dish, I ordered a special salad and it was so delicious. It was outstanding and came served like a piece of art. The dressing was so creamy, but not too rich. The lettuce was fresh and crisp. The inside was filled with quinoa. I would order this again in a heartbeat, it was full of so many different flavors to combine as a great lunch. It was very filling too, even though it sounds like it wouldn’t be.

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Rick ordered the Tuna Burger, and wow was this outstanding as well. This Tuna burger included sriracha wasabi mayo and Asian slaw. He ordered it rare. This was another fresh pick, tasting amazing. It was tender and tasted like it just came from the fish market. No taste of fishy or chewy, just pure fish with amazing spicy mayo on top. This came with a side of French fries, but he opted for a salad.

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We were going to hold off on the desserts, everything sounded so delicious thought. Our waitress told us that they wanted to give us a desert on the house. So we opted for the Crème Brule. As with all the food, it was delicious! I cannot wait to go back here again, I recommend it. A great stop for lunch, dinner, or some apps in the City! The staff was fabulous and so welcoming, the atmosphere was perfect, and the food is outstanding.

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