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I stopped in Bluemercury Makeup, Skincare, and Spa store in Tropicana Resort and Casino the last time I was in Atlantic City. I stopped in during some down time to take a look at the spa packages, makeup, and skin care products offered. I have shopped here before and love the staff; they are always so helpful and knowledgeable. This particular time I came across a very experienced young woman, Christina Judeich, who helped me with some products. We hit it off from the start; she was so easy to talk to about makeup, skincare, and life in general. So easy going and so experienced with a past working it various makeup companies and high-end department stores counters. Christina really knows her stuff about skin, makeup, and skincare products and shared some her knowledge and tips with me! She is definitely a professional makeup artist.


After bring introduced to the Beauty company Trish McEvoy, I knew I would have a new obsession. My first purchase of Trish McEvoy was the Intense Gel Eye Liner in black and 24-Hour Eye Shadow and Liner stick in Smokey Quartz. These two products are awesome and I highly recommend them. After buying these, it was decided that I was going to come back the next day to play around with some makeup! So I went back in the next day and we started to have fun. We went towards a Smokey eye look and used a mixture of products by NARS, Laura Mercier, and Trish McEvoy.


For the Smokey Eye, we started with an Eye base. It is always a good idea to have a base for eye shadows; it makes a smooth pallet to work with and helps the shadows to last longer!  The base used on my eye lids was a neutral color by Trish McEvoy. The base color can be anything pretty neutral, every company sells them. At home I have some brands such as Chanel, MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Benefit. I have found that no matter what company I use, they always help and work similarly! So pick your favorite brand, I always mix it up since all the companies offer different shades! The best way to find your favorite is to try it. One thing I love about some companies and places is you can return it if you dislike it! There are always websites and phone apps that do similar, if you hate it you can ‘trade it’ with someone else.


Pic 3

After the primer is on, Christina used the Trish McEvoy stick that I bought the day before. She wiped it all over the lid, it was pretty thick! Then she took a brush (to be specific NARS #40 Eye shadow Brush) and blended it in. This was a tip I never knew about! You can use eye shadow brushes on cream and stick shadows! I always thought you could only use them on powder shadows and that you don’t have many options with blending with cream based shadows. But fear not, you can blend, blend, and blend away! Another TIP- you can never blend too much! Keep blending until you are satisfied, you can always blend more at the end too!

Pic 4


The next step was adding eyeliner. I think this is my favorite and will be my most used lesson for getting going out and feeling fabulous! The eyeliner, which we used the one I purchased the day before (Trish McEvoy in black), was used as a color for the Smokey eye. For this part, she put a little bit of the liner on her hand and used it as a palate. She used a contour brush (as pictured below) to take the color from her hand and blended it into the crease and corner of my eye lid. This is a lot of blending, but don’t be shy. You can blend away; it doesn’t have to be perfect either! Once you finish you will see everything come together, but until then it’s okay to have it be a bit messy. Usually I give up half ways through because it looks too dark and messy. Christina helped me realize that if you keep going, blend more, and add some other color it will come out complete. Don’t give up, be persistent.

Pic 5With the same liner, she then drew on my upper lid a thicker line. She took an angled liner brush to flick out the edges and help spread the color towards the lashes if there were any gaps. This was great because it allowed the liner to be cleaner and left no spaces between the liner and the lash line. You can also add some liner to the water line on the top lashes and the bottom lashes. This eye liner is great; it goes on so easily, but as most liners the bottom water line washes away. It stays for a while, but it is something to reapply if you want a dark bottom last line. Trish McEvoy liners do go on so smooth and easily, and then they dry and stay on! So when going to use the angled brush, you need to move quick before it dries. Once it dries it doesn’t really blend and move easily. Finally, before the brush dried she took the ‘leftover’ liner on the brush and lightly swept below my bottom lashes. It had enough color to add a light accent; it wasn’t super dark as it would be if done with the actual liner.

pic 6                          Pic 7 pic 8

The final shadow step, besides more blending, was buffing together a Laura Mercier eye shadow powder in Shimmerplum. It is a purplish color with shimmer! This was then blended and added to my eyes toward the crease a bit. I love the color; it really added a nice shade and dulled the harsh black. Remember too, you can never blend too much! Final touch was Mascara. I am obsessed with my mascara, Peter Thomas Roth. It also aids in lash growth, but I was concerned with thickness. While my lashes look fabulous and are longer, they are thin so they don’t pop as much as I would like! By adding Laura Mercier’s Faux mascara, it really added volume! The funny part to this if I had purchased this one before I bought my Peter Thomas Roth mascara, so I was so excited to take it out and use it again!

Pic 10

Any other tweaks needed must be done before mascara is added. I actually finish my whole face, and then do the Mascara dead last. But either way, finish your eyes and blending before mascara goes on! One last thing with my eyes was my eyebrows. I have very light eyebrows and never think to accent them. Christina showed me that accenting them really makes a difference in the makeup and final look. She used Laura Mercier’s Brow Pencil in Fair Blonde to color in, shape, and then blend. If you have fair hair, I recommend doing this. It is such a little and easy adds, but makes such a difference in the final look. I purchased this product and am very excited to add it to my daily routine.

Eyes are finished, now the face! Christina tried out some products by Hydraboost M-61. My skin was screaming out for hydration, and I do have great products at home but I have not been good with using them! So she recommended trying the m-61 Power Glow Peel. I will actually do another blog post about this product, so keep an eye out for my future post on how the m-61 Power Glow Peel works and what it can be used for and to help!

During the makeup play, she put on the Hydraboost M-61 Hydrating Vitamin B5 Peptite Serum. This is the first step of a three step system. You do not have to use all of them; you can mix it with your own products. I got a small sample of this first product and I am going to try it with my everyday moisturizer! The second step was the Hydraboost Moisturizer M-61 Hydrating Peptide and Vitamin B5 Moisturizer and Primer. This goes on second and goes on so smooth. With having two products on my face, I felt moisturized and hydrated and it felt so light and comfortable. The final step was the Eye Hydrating peptide and Vitamin B5 eye cream. This combo was great, I loved it all!


Foundation would be next. I prefer using powder; I use BareMinerals foundation powder, so we used the recreated Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Powder Foundation in Number 1. I loved this product, it went on so easily. We used a brush, but it also comes with a puff. I prefer brushes, but either way it goes on smooth and feels so light! Along with foundation, we added a mixture of Secret Brightener and Concealer in Number 1 by Laura Mercier. This was added with a very thin brush and blended under my eye with the brush. By using the brush instead of a finger, it allowed it to get closer to my lash line and blend very well. You can finish with your finger, but DO NOT WIPE! Instead, dab you finger along the bottom, dab dab dab!


We then finished with a Bronzer/Blush in one by Laura Mercier in Moca Spice. The Blush/Bronzer was placed under and long my cheek bone. It is a lighter color, but really highlighted my face well! On the apple of my cheek, Christina added a Lotus Pink to accent slightly. Another great finishing touch! One more step, and I am ready for a night out and feeling fabulous! Last but certainly not least, lip color! Two different products were used for my lips. First, with a brush, Christina applied a Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Shy Pink and finished the top with NARS Coeur Sucre. Together they made a beautiful color, nothing too drastic or bright. It wasn’t sticky either and lasted a while!

Pic 11 Pic 12

All in all, I had a fabulous time bonding with Christina and having fun learning tips, tricks, and about products. Having a background like she does really allows me to understand makeup and my own skin better. She knows her products and ingredients, she knows how to apply and what is best for you. I cannot wait to go back, buy more, and maybe get more tips! I am so happy with everything I learned. I use her tips everyday now! I did learn to not be afraid to ask questions, you’ll learn a lot!







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