#DealAlert: #DIY Blowout on the Go with [email protected]’s #SmallBoxBigHair




I normally am not one to do my hair myself for occasions. I either like to get it done at a salon or leave it as is. But this past Easter weekend I decided to take a whip at doing my own blowout with the Small Box Big Hair Kit from The Dry Bar. I have yet to actually go to The Dry Bar to get a blowout done by one of their experts but once I do I plan on blogging about it.


The kit is awesome and perfect for a quick blowout, it’s a huge deal or better yet steal because it’s only $25!¬†This travel size kit contains all the hair care products you need to create big hair with lots of volume.

The kit includes:
1 oz Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo
1 oz Happy Hour Weightless Conditioner
1.9 oz Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse
1.8 oz Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray

The kit is super easy to use and was enough product for me to give it a whirl doing my own blowout. I have plenty of product to do a few more too! It definitely volumized my hair and worked with my outfit and for the holiday. If you’re interested in buying Small Box Big Hair for yourself or a friend, click here.


My package also included the 7.7 oz Money Maker hairspray which I highly recommend buying because it’ll be put to good use. You can buy it, here.

Cheers to looking great & feeling good with The Dry Bar!

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