#SCBDReview: Make your Spring Cleaning into a Workout too with FITWEEK



FITWEEK is a website and brand founded by Shana Schneider. She is a fitness expert that created unique fitness programs for the average very busy person! She states on her website how “Commitment can be difficult when you have an unpredictable schedule”. This is so true, it hard to get the motivation and time to work out! So this site is fabulous because it allows you the opportunity to turn every day or weekly tasks into a workout session. She says she tries ‘to find ways to bring a little fitness into required activities like doing brushing my teeth or going to the grocery store and into fun, social activities like going out to dinner or shopping with friends.’ It is a way to incorporate and include fitness into any lifestyle. Every week she posts a new idea or tip or exercise. So you can go back and find new and creative ways to exercise daily!

FITWEEK is great for any reason; there are different things to do at or on your way to work, at home, or even with friends. There are tons of different ideas and ways to add fitness into your week. They are all so simple but so effective! There are videos and articles online at www.fitweek.com. There is also a section for style. This helps give ideas on what to wear, where to buy items, and the best products out there to use when working out! Not only does the site have all this information, but it also includes workshops by Shana Schneider, the founder of FITWEEK. She can talk to large and small groups about her program and incorporate facts and fitness during the session.


For the FITWEEK I am doing, it was called FITWEEK Spring Cleaning Workout. This is great since the weather is getting nice, cabin fever and set in, and the beach is calling my name. It is a way to clean up the house from the winter and jump start my workouts! I decided to try one thing a day for a week. It was a busy week, so being able to get one thing checked off my list a day made it so easy to complete, plus to get an added workout is a bonus! The first day I decided to vacuum my entire downstairs at my parents’ house. I vacuumed rugs, stairs, kitchen floor, bathroom, and even my dog’s beds. It definitely was a workout! I actually don’t mind vacuuming, so I found this fun! As an added bonus, I read online at Seventeen.com that Audrina Patridge as an added workout to cleaning will wear high heels when doing some activities. So I decided when I was in the kitchen to put on my heels. It really did add more and made it harder. Plus it is a great way to break in heels. I love multitasking especially when it includes cleaning and working out!


The second day I changed the sheets on my bed. This is a task; I have a comforter and sheets. My comforter has a duvet on it, so I cleaned that as well. I sent my down comforter to the dry cleaners and washed the sheets, pillow cases, and my mattress protector. By cleaning those right away instead of changing to a different set allowed me to work harder to get it done. My laundry room is downstairs, so walking up and down allowed those extra little steps! Once the sheets were done, I put them back on my bed. To do it alone is a workout of walking side to side around by full size bed. The only thing I can’t complete today is my comforter. So once that gets back, it is work to put it all back together!

The third day is dusting! This is my least favorite cleaning activity. So I had to make it fun! I put on some music, took out my sniffers and duster spray, and went to town. I was really silly while dusting. I was singing and dancing while doing it. It turned out to be fun and I was just really enjoying being free and busting out some diva moves and notes. By the end of one room, I was really working and feeling it and the room looked fabulous! Great thing is all cleaning supplies make it easier to clean, so getting my fan blades and cob web in the corner was easy!

mop and pail on floor

The fourth day I cleaned the floors. Mopping is limited in my house since most floors are wood, so mostly the kitchen and bathroom floors can be really mopped. So I took out a pail, floor soap, and a mop. We use old fashion mops, I personally feel they work the best! I cleared the floor and got to it. Any spots, like by my dogs dish, that seamed they needed more of a scrub, I took an old sponge and scrubbed by hand. Again, I sang and mopped, I felt like I was in a Disney movie. Who knew cleaning could be fun and burn calories!

Winter clothes

The fifth day I put away clothes. This crazy weather is making me wonder if Spring will stay, the other day it went from 80 degrees to snow the next night! So I kept a lot of sweaters and long sleeve, but as far as my ski wear and heavy winter clothes I decided to put them away. It is time to prepare for Spring weather and less layers! So I took my clothes and boxed one box and brought up into my attic the ones on hangers to hang them in my protected closet up there! It feels good to put away clothes and get ready for the new bright colors of spring and summer! It was also a great added workout of going up and down the stairs to our attic.

The sixth day I washed my car. It got a little warmer out, a perfect time to wash my car. I lucked out that this day landed on such a beautiful spring day! So I went outside, got everything set up and washed my car by hand. I cleaned the tired by hand, washed the windows, and even vacuumed the inside. It felt so good to thoroughly clean my car inside and out. I don’t get to clean it as often in the winter, so this clean meant a lot to my car. Plus it is good to keep your car clean, especially after a harsh winter of salt used to de-ice the roads. Another workout, I was really feeling it when I was done.

photo 2 (4)

The seventh and last day was weeding the lawn. So I decided to help my mom in her garden. There were a lot of weeds taking over, so we went through and took them out and pruned some bushes. We also put some fresh dirt out and aerated it. It was a fun bonding time as well as workout! Being outside is so much fun and refreshing. There is nothing like it on a beautiful spring day!


As part of the bonus challenge, I do have an 11 year old Dalmatian, Rusty. So I didn’t get to give him a bath, but instead I walked him outside more than I usually do. He loves being outside, so anytime I walked outside I would take him with me around the lawn and the block! I will be planning a bath with him soon, it is a huge task since he dislikes hoses!

Doing this all in one day would make this a fabulous workout, but we all can be busy. I am super busy this month, so by splitting it up each day it allowed me to completed my list and not be overwhelmed. With any project or workout, there is no need to get overwhelmed or stressed out. If you take it one small task at a time, and slowly check off your to-do list, you will get it done in no time. Stressing out will lead yourself to give up and not complete it and get more stressed as a result. So be proud of all the small things you are doing and keep it up. In no time, you will realize you can do more if you put your mind to it! If you are interested in seeing Shana Schneider live, she will be speaking at the Women’s Health and Fitness Expo on Saturday May 3rd from 9am – 4pm. She will be speaking at 9am. It is held at the Miller Middle School in Lake Katrine, New York. (link below for more information)








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