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When I first took a sip of Vemma Verve’s Mojoe Coffe drink, I fell in love. It’s an energy rush you’ll need when you’re falling asleep at your desk. Do you need to stay up late studying for an exam or prep for a work meeting? Well, I’d advise buying one of these coffee drinks because you’ll be wired for hours!

According to Vervemojoe.com, this beverage is–

  • Premium Arabica/Robusta coffee blend
  • Non-dairy coconut cream
  • 80mg of natural caffeine per serving
  • 1oz serving of the physician formulated, clinically studied Vemma formula (2 servings per can)
  • 12 full-spectrum vitamins
  • Essential plant-sourced minerals
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Non-carbonated


This is all the more reason to drink Vemma’s energy drink. If you’re tired of the same ol’ coffee in the morning, try something new. Since hot months are ahead of us, you’ll want to toss your hot coffee and switch to an iced coffee beverage.

Happy drinking!

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