#SCBDRecipe: Tator Tot Nachos

scbdrecipeLooking through the recipes I post on here I feel like you all must think I am about 500lbs and never eat healthy!! I do eat, and love, healthier foods but what can I say?! I have a real soft spot in my heart tummy for junk food! 😉  So, this might get a little weird but hear me out! Haha, I was nervous at first too when I heard Sloppy Joes in nachos? On tator tots? (Okay, well the tator tots didn’t really sounds like anything but tasty to me.)This is just a mix of random toppings and goodies that me and the bf put together to make tator tot nachos.  And, boy were they tasty. And super easy. And FILLING!!

Ingredients (all to taste):
Tator tots
Ground beef with Sloppy Joe mix
Red onion
Green Onion
Bacon pieces
Hot sauce
What to do:
Cook tator tots – extra crispy is delicious and helps keep them from getting soggy when you start loading them up.
When the tots are ready pile them on a plate.
Spread sloppy joes over tots.
Melt and pour on queso.
Chop and sprinkle jalapeno, red onion, green onion and bacon all over the top.
Finish up by pouring hot sauce over the top of it all (Cholula or Sriracha, of course!)
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