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Surviving at college can sometimes become very stressful, lonely, and can make you extremely homesick. Sometimes you just need a pick me up during the hardest times. PijonBox is the perfect gift for a college student. The boxes come every month and have a natural healthy theme to them. The box is not only a beauty or a food box, it is the perfect combination of both.

I received a sample box to review and was extremely pleased with the contents inside. Each item in the box was unique and very useful for a college student. Inside my box were six items. On the food end were two things I probably would have never thought of trying if they weren’t in the box.

The Oatworks oat-powered natural smoothie was something great to try as an alternative to other protein shakes and energy drinks. The flavor was peach-mango and it was delicious especially since there was no sugar added! Also inside was what I thought was just dark chocolate on a stick, but it was actually hot chocolate on a stick. You simply dip the stick into a cup of hot water and you have an amazing cup of hot chocolate perfect for a late night of studying.

Also inside were toiletries that are extremely convenient for a college student on the go. Forgot your deodorant? Inside was a sample of Reviver, a pocket size towel that serves as a dry deodorant for your clothes, I personally loved this product to keep in my purse just in case!

Also inside was a portable bamboo towel to take on the go, all you do is wet it and you can wash your face in an instant. All the products are made of recycled goods or bamboo, so inside was a bamboo tooth-brush which was my favorite product in the box! Lastly inside, was a pack of nail polish neutral color to go with the theme of the box.

Overall, the PijonBox was an awesome care package that I would love to receive every month! Signing up for a subscription is super easy starting at prices as low was $25. Go to https://www.pijonbox.com/ to get a subscription today!

Want to win a PijonBox of your own? Enter to win our giveaway here- Pijon Box giveaway!

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