#SCBDEventRecap: @WomenHealthMag and Exhale Spa Fusion Fest


When I received an email regarding an event by Women’s Health Magazine and Exhale Spa Fusion Fest, I couldn’t help but be stoked because I have a true passion for all things health and fitness. Also, I’m the health & fitness writer for SCBD, so it was a huge deal that I couldn’t pass up. I knew this event entailed a hardcore workout that would leave my muscles screaming, but I wanted to attend it either way, so I packed my bag and headed to the Big Apple.


According to the WH’s Press Release, Core Fusion Barre+Cardio, exhale’s newest class will be one of the featured workouts for attendees to try during FusionFest. The class combines the cardio benefits of interval training with the toning benefits of the barre technique. This fast paced two-part class consists of 30 minutes of sweaty sprints with short recovery periods followed by muscle-defining barre-based sequences of movements that target the thighs, butt and abs. It’s a one-stop-shop for a calorie torching, body-tightening workout. This was the workout I participated in and I would say with 100 percent certainty that I didn’t regret it. Besides, there was no turning back! I was committed.

I was greeted by a bunch of friendly and excited women who were just as happy as I was. I met Elisabeth Halfpapp, who is one of the exhale co-founders! She was fit, sweet and helpful. 

One of the women told me I was Women’s Health VIP and I could place my items on one of the mats in the front row. Smiling and giggling like a school girl, I was ready to begin this fabulous workout. I must admit one thing though, the workout was intense and difficult. Sure, I like to think I’m in shape since I workout 3-4 times per week and danced for 10 years, but this workout kicked my ass.


I stayed strong and held on while music played and photos were taken. I was told one of the finalists from Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Competition, Idalis Velazquez,would attend this event. This competition is held by Women’s Health Magazine and began last year. Stacie Clark was named the Next Fitness Star in 2013, and her DVD, Power Sculpt Series, is available now, and career has changed as a result of being named the winner. 

This year, the magazine is on the hunt again for the next talented trainer to put in the spotlight with the 2nd annual “Next Fitness Star” competition. Thousands of talented women applied and we have narrowed it down to five finalists. The winner will be announced in the July/August issue on stands on June 24th. The five finalists will all appear on the flip cover of the July/August issue and in an magazine feature.  The winner will star in her own workout DVD series produced by Women’s Health, be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine, and receive a full marketing and promotional plan to help build their brand.

idalis and I.

So, while I was doing my thing, watching the teacher push us beyond our limits, I looked at this petite and fit woman with a Women’s Health tee on. When I did a split, she laughed and smiled mouthing “show off.” I knew she was kidding and laughed with her.

After the extreme, but brilliant workout was finished, I found out that gorgeous and fit woman was one of the finalists, Idalis Velazquez. I wanted to speak about her health and fitness journey.

During our chat, she told me never to deprive yourself of something. If you do that, you’re more likely to eat even more later on. She spoke with me one-on-one about her workouts using weights and dung bells. I was more than thrilled to speak with her about this topic because I’m so passionate about it.

I took a few photos with her and wished her luck in the competition, secretly hoping she’ll win of course (shhh!)

Feel free to check out more information about Idalis:


Also, scope out Elisabeth as well:


And, also don’t forget to pick up your copy of WH’s June issue on newsstands June 24th to check out the fabulous finalists!

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