#SCBDEventRecap: [email protected] Food and Wine Festival Seminar Series 2014


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On June 1st, the 2nd day of the Montclair Food and Wine Festival was the Seminar Series. The Seminar Series consisted of four very different seminars with experts from the food industry. We attended three out of the four seminars. The first seminar of the morning was The Pasta Show with Lou and Laura. Laura Schenone is the James Beard Award winning author of “The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken” and “A Thousand Years over a Hot Stove.” She teamed up with Lou Palm A.K.A “The Gastomechanic” During the Pasta Show Lou and Laura Demonstrated to viewers How to make tagliatelle and ravioli. The discussed the different varieties of flour you can use and the different kinds of fillings you can make. The show was intriguing with many laughs along the way. The pasta was so fresh and delicious I left wanting more. Lou and Laura gave each attendee the recipe they used during the seminar so everyone can go home and try it themselves. We both couldn’t wait to try it and when we made it at home we loved every bit!

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The second seminar was a NJ Aquaculture Seminar where attendees got to sample four wines, four oysters and one clam. Four aquacultural experts where on the panel to discuss facts and history about clam harvesting. It was an extremely educational seminar! Those in attendance also learned how to properly shuck an oyster and more. This seminar was “A Shuckin’ Good Time.”

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The third and last seminar we attended was Foie Gras with Ariane + Ariane. Although Ariane Daguin was not in attendance due to a family emergency. Their fill in  was someone who who has worked for the company for many years was excellent in providing the audience with facts and history on the controversy of Foie Gras and the role D’Artagnan plays in the market. Celebrity Top Chef Ariane Duarte then made a custom dish of french toast topped with Foie Gras and a Cherry Compote. It was delicious! Just the right amount of sweet and savory.

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We loved attending all three seminars, all the food was delicious! We are looking forward to attending again next year! If you could attend a seminar which one would you attend?

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