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Where to eat in the Tropicana AC for a ladies night out before MDW? Please don’t think too hard and make a res at Cuba Libre. Cuba Libre is a Cuban restaurant located in The Quarter in the Tropicana. They serve both traditional dishes and cocktails alongside extensive Cuban classics. It’s also worth every penny. If your ready to be adventurous you will not be disapointed. The menu features dishes from skirt steak, succulent chicken and more. As a Latina myself, I was really impressed that they had a chicharron platter and other authentic dishes that made me feel at home. I also was inspired to make black bean hummus after having it their, soo good! They also recently just opened The Shack that serves up mojitos and other Cuban classic cocktails in coconuts! They are huge and an amazing deal for $8.50 each. You’ll also be able to get some of their signature empanadas at The Shack which is currently open on weekends. Trust me, its better than the sports bar! I love Cuban food and loved everything we ate for different reasons. But if you don’t know what to order I highly recommend trying the 15 Tastes of Cuba tasting menu with a friend, any of the mojitos, the dulce de leche for a dessert with a dessert cocktail. Bien Provecho!

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Cuba Libre is a must try restaurant for anyone looking for an authentic Cuban experience. The music, setting, food and decor all play into making Cuba Libre a restaurant you don’t wanna miss. During our meal I was blown away by the flavors, and abundance of choices on their menus and the unique drinks offered by the bar. The “Caippy” hour is an amazing deal for people looking to get that taste of Cuba at an affordable price. They start out the evening with warm bread and mango butter that is to die for! The butter is so unique and a must try for everyone! The coconut mojito is an amazing mix of Don Q Coco Rum, Coco Lopez, hierba buena, guarapo, fresh lime juice, ginger beer served in a live young coconut! It is a beyond unique way that Cuba Libre serves these frozen mojitos! The drink list at Cuba Libre is quite impressive but besides amazing food an drinks what truly blew me away was the atmosphere. During our whole dining experience I forgot I was in Atlantic City NJ and felt like I was experiencing a true Havana Night in another country. The lighting, music, authentic wood shipped from Spain all add the experience of Cuba Libre. It is something that truly must be seen to experience. When we walked upstairs for a tour of the building I forgot we were in a casino. The upstairs looks like a town square with hanging lights and a bar with a real rocket! I suggest everyone goes and experiences Cuba Libre first hand it is a restaurant and experience you don’t want to miss! – Fay 

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Our experience at Cuba Libre at the Tropicana was amazing. From the moment we were seated, the staff was great and really treated us great. We started off with some appetizers from their 15 Tastes of Cuba Menu, and it was so delicious! My favorite was the papas rellenas which are Cuban potato croquettes filled with beef picadillo. Our server was extremely knowledgeable about all of the dishes and answered any questions we had. My favorite main dish that we tried was the Cuba Libre Chicharrones platter. This platter included marinated chicken, skirt steak, Berkshire pork belly, and Cortez chorizo. It was all so tasty and I couldn’t get enough! I was also very impressed by the drinks offered. We were able to try the new drinks that are now offered at The Shack, the new bar that is on the 2nd floor of Cuba Libre. The drinks were frozen cocktails served inside real coconuts. It’s such a great idea for a drink to-go and is sure to be a hit this summer! It was such a fun experience at Cuba Libre and I can’t wait to go back again!  – Lauren

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