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As you know #SCBD is always hunting down the hottest trends all the time. Fay, Lauren and I  took a trip to Atlantic City before MDW and enjoyed an amazing press meal at Cuba Libre but after a night of eating and drinking Cuban style, we knew our adventure wasn’t a success until we stopped by Wet Willies. The last time I went there I stuck to one of the signature flavors, Shock Treatment but this time I changed it up and had strawberry mixed with it and it was amazing!!! We also got to try some of their “secret menu”. Read Fay and Lauren’s point of view on trying all the different flavors below…

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Worlds Greatest Daiquiri’s? I would have to agree after visiting Wet Willies in the Tropicana AC. The small hidden gem may not look big on the outside but inside may possibly be some of the funnest drinks I’ve come across! First off I adore the art collage on the walls it fits perfectly into the fun theme of multi flavored frozen daiquiris! They offer nineteen frozen drinks like Call a Cab, Green Apple, White Russian, Naked Willie and more. After meeting with the owner he made us a sample of the “secret menu”. I suggest when you go you ask for the secret menu right off the bat. What would you think when you heard drinks named “Superman”, “Wonder Woman”, “Ziggy Marley”, “Bob Marley”, “Banana Split”? Besides being really awesome things that are also really awesome drinks found right at Wet Willies! They have over 25 secret mixes of their core frozen beverages to really get the party started. The Frozen drinks we tried were so unique and all tasted amazing. How will you ever chose between the flavors? I’m not gonna lie it was tough but every sample we tried was great so I can honestly say anyone you go with will be a great choice and if not you just have to come back until you try them all! Such a great addition to the Tropicana I suggest everyone check it out this summer! – Fay

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Wet Willies in the Tropicana offers a fun experience that you can’t find at just any bar in Atlantic City. The frozen drinks that are served in Wet Willie’s are very unique and really tasty! The drinks have names such as Attitude adjustment, Call a Cab, and Shock treatment, just to name a few. As well as having the option of picking one of the signature drinks, you can also mix drinks together. I had a drink called the Superman, which was a mixture of the Shock Treatment and Call a Cab. I I loved it! We also got to try a sample tray of a few of the secret menu drinks and they were all so good! It’s definitely a great place to just hang out and let loose with your friends after a long week. I always have so much fun when I go and look forward to trying new flavors next time! – Lauren


What’s your favorite flavor spiked daiquiri? Let us know and comment here or on our social media!

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