#SCBDReview: BirchBox Monthly Review: May


If you follow my reviews of BirchBox, you may have noticed that I did not write an April one. Well you are right, unfortunately I never received the month of April’s Box. It got lost in the mail. So I emailed BirchBox, and they got on top of it quick! They sent another box out, and again this box never made it to me either! So in return to not receiving it, they awarded me 100 points, which is equivalent to $10 (the cost of the Box). So now I can buy one of my favorite products I have been wanting and get a deduction from it in exchange for the missing box! I am so happy with their communication and help. They really jump on top of it to make sure the customer is happy and gets what they need! Props to the BirchBox Crew!

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Now onto the next month, May. For May I received some great products, as usual. The first is Cynthia Rowley Beauty Silver Eyeliner. Silver eyeliner is so under-rated. It is a great addition to the corner of your eyes, as a water line liner, under the water eye liner, or even if you want to go crazy you can use it as a top eye liner. It is neat ways to make your eyes stand out without going crazy colorful like a bright shadow. You can use the silver liner with neutral shadows and it still creates a great pop. This specific liner was great; it stayed on long and went on very smooth.

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Second for the month of May was A Spa Therapy Body Lotion by Gilchrist & Soames. This lotion smelled like Cucumbers. It was so refreshing, something that a Spa would have. It went on very smooth, it was not oily at all! I really liked it and will finish this product.

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The third was a BB cream in Golden Glow by Marcelle. I usually do not use these, but decided to try it anyway. It smelled almost clay light, which scared me. It went on pretty smooth though and did really blend all my skin to be very event. It did not feel too heavy, like some do. You can tell it is on, but it isn’t like a heavy concealer. I am unsure if I recommend this or not, but I would say it is worth a shot. Which any BB creams, it is really up to personal feeling on it. Sometimes one can be amazing for one person and the same one can make another person break out. So from what I gathered, it is one worth the try.

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The fourth one if Number 4 High Performance Hair Care. This included Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. This was a Sulfate-Free set that is great for all hair types. I did like this product, it smelled very nice and left my hair feeling wonderful after. It suds up nice when you put it in your hair.  With all volumizing Shampoos, I feel it makes my hair a bit knotty, but this one did not make it as knotty as others do. I would recommend this shampoo and conditioner set.

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The final product was an all-in-one Gummy Vitamins for Adults by SmartyPants. The vitamins tasted okay, they were not sweet as I thought they would be. They were easy to take, but you have to take 6 a day. So I thought that was not worth it, I would rather take one or two pills in the morning, rather than taking 6 throughout the day.  I would forget, especially since they didn’t taste like candy, as I thought it would. If you have a hard time swallowing pills, take these though.

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Another fabulous month, until next month, remember to never stop trying out new products, you never know what you’ll fall in love with and discover!

To join in on the fun and excitement to receive a monthly, quarterly, or annual Birchbox, click here: https://www.birchbox.com?raf=nmsf1&utm_campaign=raf&utm_source=birchbox&utm_medium=raf_link










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