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I’m a health & fitness guru who is always up for a challenge! I love a good workout and never give up. I tend to push myself to my limit because if I give up, I feel like a complete failure.

When I signed up for Damien Young’s Stay Young Fitness class on a random Friday morning at 6 a.m., I knew I was in for a rude awakening. Damien, a former military member is built to the core and you know he works out hard. He’s in shape and would probably put me to shame.


Unfortunately, Damien didn’t teach the class. However, a spunky and fun Scotty taught the class instead, which was fun as well. Damien revealed at the end, “You wouldn’t want to take a class with me, I train hard.” Even still, I would love the opportunity to train and attend one of Damien’s classes!

I headed to Middletown-Langhorne park and grabbed a yoga mat to rest on while we stretched and did various exercises.

This particular class was 45 minutes. While I’m not a morning person, this class certainly woke me up. We used yoga mats, ran a bit, worked on our abs and legs. I would tell you the hardest part of the class was definitely when we were told to do push-ups. I can do abs, legs and squats, but when it comes to arms, I struggle a bit. But, this goes to show you which body part I need to work and focus on for here on out.


I stayed with Scotty and didn’t complain when he gave us more to try. We stretched at the end while Damien gave us a pep talk. He told us not to have this mentality that “we are fat.” Instead, we should focus on being healthy and fit. I loved the fact that he spoke at the end and encouraged us to feel good about ourselves.


Damien wrote on his FB page, “Remember, whatever follows “I am” will seek and find you. If you constantly say, “I am fat” or “I am worthless”, etc your mind will seek out every reason to prove it’s true. Today, tell yourself that you’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re fit and you’re awesome! Then go out and be it!

I chatted with Damien, who told me he was bullied and wanted to begin working out to bulk up. I thought that was inspirational and was proud to know him.

If you’d love some more info on Damien Young and his business, feel free to check him out-


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