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A few months ago, Jason and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Part of our weekend was enjoying one of our favorite brunches we’ve experienced so far and it was at The Ryland Inn located in Whitehouse Station, NJ.


I started off with a delish brunch cocktail, the School Road Sparkler, curated by resident mixologist Christopher James. It was a delicious take on a mimosa and went perfectly with our meal. We started off our brunch date with the house cured and smoked salmon. Let me tell you, everything was fresh and it was probably some of the best smoked and cured salmon I’ve had. Both Jason and I were blown away by the flavor and presentation.

photo 2

For entrees we both went with the specials that day that were on the menu. I had the chicken and biscuits with maple syrup. They were by far the best chicken and biscuits I’ve ever had. Jason had the chimichurri steak and eggs. He was just as impressed. I tried some of it and it was made perfectly and so flavorful. We also got a side of potatoes to share, unlike most potatoes it was served like a potato pancake but we loved it.

We also ended our meal with coffee and dessert. Our dessert was one of the most unique, light, and wonderful tasting creations I’ve had. It was a homemade milky way with salted popcorn ice cream. It was heavenly!!!

photo 4

The Ryland Inn is perfect if you are looking to have an event. They recently opened a newly renovated banquet hall which is gorgeous. Also if you are like me and very into farm to table scene, it is just that. Chef Anthony Bucco uses all locally sourced food from farms in the tri-state area. I know Jason and I plan on making a trip back. It was definitely one of our best brunch experiences to date!

photo 3

Have you been to  The Ryland Inn? We’d love your feedback about your experience, we can’t wait to come back. Cheers!

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