#SCBDInterview Next Fitness Star Finalist Idalis Velazquez


When I first met Idalis Velazquez, 30, she was in a Women’s Health tee at the Fusion Fest hosted by Women’s Health Magazine and Exhale in New York City and seemed fit as a fiddle, lovely and sweet. That day, I found out she was one of the finalists for Women Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star. Therefore, I knew I had to keep in touch because I wanted to hear about her health & fitness journey as well as follow and help her any way I could win the title.

idalis and I.

Since she lives in Florida, I asked if she’d like to chat with me by phone about how she got so fit and tight. So, one Tuesday morning, I called her around 12:30 p.m. and we spoke for half an hour.

“I wasn’t a healthy person,” Idalis said. “I was the typical picky eater. I was training, but not eating properly.”

After countless issues with her pregnancies and injuries, Idalis was frustrated and wanted to make a change in her life.

In her WH Next Fitness Star video each finalist had speak about their goal and Idalis touched on her struggle and cried. During our convo, she admitted to me, “I never cry,” and laughed. But, I simply told her the fact that she teared up showed how passionate and genuine she is.


“I lost myself in there and would look in the mirror and I could not see that strong, capable woman anymore, but I got tired of that,” Idalis disclosed in the video. “I want to be the strongest I’ve ever felt. I want to be the best trainer so I can continue to help others to inspire and motivate them.”

I was very curious about our eating habits. So, I wanted to know why we often feel hungry after eating a meal or later on in the day.  “Our bodies send signals. We feel like we’re hungry, but your body could be asking for water. [I suggest] having a glass of water and wait a couple minutes,” Idalis noted.

Additionally, Idalis doesn’t believe in calorie counting. “I have taken this approach [to not count calories]. None of my clients talk about calories. The most natural approach is to stick with natural foods.”


To me, Idalis is the real thing. By that, I mean, she’s had many struggles in life and has come a long way. Instead of giving up after her injury, she used it as motivation to educate herself about health & fitness. She changed her ways and wants to assist others with their goals. I believe SHE should be Women Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star because she has drive and she wants to help women with their fitness dreams.

“This is my calling in life and I want to be able to help so many women out there achieve their goals and believe in themselves,” Idalis said.

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Happy working out!

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