#SCBDReview: [email protected] Monthly Review: June


For the month of June, Birchbox named this the ‘Away We Go’ box. They announced on the card that they have now partnered with JetBlue. They now provide amenity kits for the new Mint Experience JetBlue flights. These new Mint Experience seats allow flyers to enjoy relaxation with fully inclined chairs, private seating, more comfortable seats, more snacks and beverages that you can get up and help you too, and a complimentary BirchBox kit. Basically the experience of flying JetBlue got better!

For this month, the first sample was Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara! I love Benefit and I love mascara. This mascara is fabulous; I have used it before and love it. So I am excited to now have a purse size one to use! I recommend this product for any time and anyone.

Pic 1

The second product is a Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain in Valentine. I am in love with this, it lasts so long! I tried it in the morning, I actually brushed my teeth with it on, and only minimal came off during that. I then ate an apple, breakfast, a banana, and drank a drink. Through all of that, it still was on! Of course as the day went on, it faded a little. But it still was a beautiful color. It felt like I was wearing nothing too and went on so easily! It was not sticky. I highly recommend this.

Pic 2 (1)

The third product is English Laundry Signature for Her Perfume. It is so refreshing and floral. The scent is very girly and nice; it reminds me of three different perfumes’ I wear and love. Except it’s all wrapped up in one! It is great for summer, and a wonderful scent. I would recommend this if you prefer a girly, sweet, and floral scent of perfume.

pic 3

The fourth product is Lierac Paris Micellar Cleansing Water. This is a makeup remover product. I love this product. It was not oily or sticky, like some removers are. I usually use Almay’s liquid remover, but I actually liked this one more. It is very refreshing and moisturizing as well as it easily removes all kinds of makeup that I have tried with it! It is gentle and a solid product.

Pic 4

The fifth product is a Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol by Paula’s Choice. The smell is pretty neutral. It is a product that massages in pretty well, although you can feel it more than other moisturizer’s I’ve used in the past. Once it dries, it does feel a little tight, but it does state to it helps firm and hydrates. I wouldn’t really know if I like it unless I used it for a few weeks. The sample contained a lot of product, which is great because it does give me the ability to try it out and see if I like it!

Pic 5

As a bonus to this month’s box, we have a chance to win a travel certificate from JetBlue. So let’s hope I win and can write about that awesome trip! Until next month, keep on BirchBoxn’.

Pic 6

To join in on the fun and excitement to receive a monthly, quarterly, or annual Birchbox, click here: https://www.birchbox.com?raf=nmsf1&utm_campaign=raf&utm_source=birchbox&utm_medium=raf_link













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