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Last month went so fast, so I am excited to start this month with an awesome bad from Ipsy filled with great products I am already obsessed with! First off, I am obsessed with this brightly colors coral and black bag with pineapples on it. It is so much fun!

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The first product I used was the Shimmer Eyeliner by Nicka K. I loved how it went on, it added an awesome pop to a neutral eye. It was fun and looked great. I got so many compliments on it too! I paired it with the second product, the Be A… Bombshell Lash Out Mascara. This mascara was awesome and went on so smooth. It really fanned my lashes out and made them look much bigger and longer than they are! I loved these both, and they lasted all day and came off easily with makeup remover!

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The third product I tried was the Marc Anthony True Professional Dream Waves Beach Spray. I used it and am in love, it really helped my hair look beachy with some waves and a curl or two. It was easy to use and a great look for that beach hair feel. My hair had volume and was fun!

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The fourth product was another favorite of mine, NYC Lip Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel. I absolutely loved this; my lips looked awesome with it on. I felt so pretty and girly and flirty! It went on so smooth, stayed on pretty long, and felt amazing. It was not too sticky or gooey. I highly recommend this product, I personally love this color too, but they offer so many shades that will fit your needs if this color isn’t yours!

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The fifth and final product is a Skinn by Dimitri James Olive & Enzyme Rich Balm Cleanser. This is a great product; it smells like an orange cream sickle and has an orange tint to it. It goes on pretty thick, but is refreshing. It is not a scrub but instead a type of mask you leave on for a few minutes. I really did like this plus the added scent is great. Although, I did not see major differences the few times I use it a week, but it is gentle and a product that is made well. It also did remove my makeup pretty well.

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