#SCBDExclusive: Interview with #NextFitnessStar Finalist Katie Yip


When I was asked to attend Katie Yip –one of Women Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star’s— finalists Pilates class, I was excited to say the least. I was stoked and thrilled to try Pilates. Sure, I’ve read about this exercise, but never really tried it. I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult since I danced for 10 years. Come on, I’m very flexible ladies & gents.


Therefore, I attended one of Katie’s classes last week with Mary, the Senior Publicist at WH. She was the one who connected me with lovely Katie.

Katie was super friendly, sweet and nice. During the class, Katie took the time to work with us four girls, who took her class. She explained each exercise and the science behind it. “What I love about pilates is its honest and pure movement,” said Katie.


This hour-long class was filled with strengthening your arms, body and working on your core. Katie told us to focus on how our bodies felt during these exercises. She showed us how each exercise was done and even took the time to fix us when we were doing an exercise incorrectly. I loved that she was so interactive during our class.

In her video for Next Fitness Star, Katie shared, “Often times I feel like our bodies don’t compliment our egos, our shoulders are rounded, our bodies are slumped. We move with pain and just being able to move and just being able to move well is so fundamental.”

It was definitely one of the best classes I’ve ever attended. I would love to find a Pilates class more local though. I live in PA and New York is about an hour train ride. I was so appreciative of Katie, who at the end of the class, showed us different equipment in the Pilates center she teaches at.

She even chatted by phone with me! During our conversation, we discussed Pilates, health and fitness.

“At the end of [Pilates], you should be aware of your body,” said Katie. “You have to know your body.”

There are so many exercises out there, but you must choose the one that’s right for you. If you’re a 24-year-old thin-framed gal, you wouldn’t follow the same diet as an overweight man. Katie said, “It’s important to understand the context and always question something.”

If you want to perform an exercise in the correct manner, you must research it or seek a professional to show you how to do it.

Along with exercising, you should be conscious of your diet. You can’t expect to get in shape if you have a poor diet. Stay away from constantly consuming processed foods. It will only hurt you in the end.

I learned that Pilates is an artistic exercise. It improves strength, flexibility, posture and mental awareness. Now, doesn’t this sound something you’d like to try?

Feel free to browse Katie’s blog to find out more about her and her classes!

If you’re in NYC and want to attend her class, just contact her!

Voting ends August 1st for the Next Fitness Star, so check her out today!

Happy exercising!

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