#SCBDReview: Get an Energy Boost with [email protected]


If you are like me and always on the run, you know that sometimes you need an extra boost of energy. Coffee helps me at times but I’m always interested in finding another alternative that doesn’t include Red Bull or an energy drink. That’s where Energems come in.


Energems  are a quick, pre-portioned and portable pick-me-up that is perfect for busy bodies on the go. Who doesn’t want chocolate first thing in morning or before a workout? Plus, each delicious gem provides revolutionary energy without the cost, calories or mess. They also are perfect to leave in the car or bring on the road. They come in three flavors: peanut butter, mint & chocolate. My personal favorite flavor is the mint chocolate flavor, it’s delish! Just a warning, don’t take them on an empty stomach, I did that once and wouldn’t recommend it!

Have you tried them before? I’d love to know what you think? Want to try them? Which flavor would you try? 

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