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I have been in search for a good post-workout drink! I was so excited when I heard about Rockin’ Refuel Lean Builder. They were so generous and sent me two to try! I received one Rockin’ Refuel Lean Builder Milk in Vanilla and Chocolate! I also received a stretchy cooler to keep it cold while I workout, an iPod (or in my case my phone) arm band to keep my music on me, and an arm band to workout with. Everything I will use all the time! And of course be able to explain what awesome product it was from!









Rockin’ Refuel Lean Builder is a protein beverage that has about 20 grams of protein made with real milk! It helps athletes and non-athletes build lean muscles in aid with working out and eating good! It only has 150 calories in it and tastes delicious! It is all natural and a great way to help stay in shape and build long lean muscle. There are also celebrity sponsors who live by this product! They just recently added another great addition to the team, Kellie Pickler. She along with other athletes joins the long list of celebrities that use this great product!


Another great back story of Rockin’ Refuel, is where they get their dairy products from! They get it from Shamrock Farms in Arizona, which is one of the largest family-owned dairies in the country! They sell their own milk (Shamrock Farms Milk) as well as Rockin’ Refuel’s Milk products! The Rockin’ Refuel also had a whole line of products to help aid workout and maintaining weight and muscle.


I am excited to have found this product! They taste delicious and like a milkshake. I look forward to drinking it after a hard workout! I even got to use the cooler to keep my drink in at the gym while I work out! It is only 150 calories and has 20 grams of Protein! I highly recommend this Protein Drink, they are sold at local grocery stores! Try it today, you won’t regret it!




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