#SCBDExclusive: Interview Fayth Caruso Bellicon rebounder trainer


Whenever I get the chance to interview a fitness guru, I’m always ecstatic! I enjoy learning about new workouts and how they are performed. I’m always searching for a new fitness routine to snack on and Fayth Caruso, bellicon rebounder trainer, has just that! I interviewed her to get the scoop on bellicon training. 


Small Chick Big Deals: This is such a fascinating way to workout. When and how did you get into using a bellicon rebounder?

Fayth: I’ve been using the bellicon for about five years now and rebounding for about eight. I started on a different brand that was not as high in quality as the bellicon and not as smooth of a bounce.

It was also much noisier than bellicon. I was introduced to bellicon in New York at Pilates on Fifth and then officially was sold on them once they opened their Chicago showroom. I purchased ten for my studio in Chicago.

How did you get into health & fitness?

I am a professional dancer and I started Pilates to cross train to prevent injury and keep my core and back muscles strong in order to extend my dancing career. I soon after discovered Cardiolates┬« (a method of rebounding on the bellicon, while incorporating Pilates principles) while working for the  Cardiolates┬« creators Katherine and Kimberly Corp in New York City. As a dancer, most forms of cardio put too much pressure on my joints and tighten or bulk up my body.

Also, most forms of cardio only work in one plane of motion (think…running, treadmill, elliptical). Therefore, you are missing entire muscle groups and overworking the same ones to the point of injury.  Cardiolates┬« was my solution because you can work on the rebounder in various planes of motion. It also took care of my Pilates and cardio needs in one because rebounding strengthens your core and back muscles if you focus on upright alignment.

Do you host classes? If so, how many?

I have a fitness studio called Sixpax (www.sixpaxchicago.com). We have about 30 classes per week and over half involve the bellicon. We also train clients privately using the bellicon. The bellicon is definitely a favorite and we have sold out classes and need to buy more. We also have videos on our website so you can work out in the comfort of your home. We will be adding more videos in time.

How much progress have you seen with your clients?

We have seen tremendous progress in our clients with the bellicon.  Here are some common issues we work with and have seen improvement with:

weight loss, cross training for runners for marathons, prenatal/postnatal clients (with a stability barre and doctor’s approval), neuromuscular damage improvement, joint issues, balance issues, post-surgery training (with doctor’s approval), overall toning (add weights to your workout!), breast cancer survivors (improves lymph flow), chronic fatigue or chronic pain, and lower back and neck pain.

But, I also wanted to know some myths about rebounding. Could you please fill me in?

I think the biggest myth clients often come with in regards to rebounding is that you have to be in good shape and super young to jump. I want to share that at my studio we have all shapes, sizes, ages, and levels who bounce on the bellicon (special shout-out to our 80 year old client!).

With a good instructor (and permission from a doctor if you have any health concerns), anyone can rebound at some level and experience the many benefits of rebounding. I recommend if you are new and have any level of fear (I know I did and I am a professional dancer!), try working with a stability barre attached to your bellicon.  


To learn more about Fayth Caruso, feel free to check her out! 

If interested, order her DVD to start working on that body!

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