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The Past weekend I had the amazing opportunity of attending Spoon University’s Brain Food Conference in NYC.  BrainFoodNYC was a two day Foodie enthusiast weekend full of great food and workshops.  As Spoon University said it was definitely like “an all you can eat buffet for skills”. I attended the second day of the workshop which was on Sunday. It was a full day event from 10am-6pm but a nonstop day full of “delicious knowledge”. I was able to network with many professionals as well as other bloggers and foodies throughout the day. It was great to be surrounded in a space full of foodies. Registration began at 9am at @AlleyNYC which is where the conference was held. Alley is a co-working space where many startup companies work in. The space was open and enticing.  During registration each guest was given a Swagbag full of goodies! I loved everything in the swagbag I couldn’t even tell you what my favorite gift was.

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Breakfast was provided by Chobani, OatWorks, Doughnut Plant and Oren Coffee. The spread was great each brand offered different flavors of their product. Chobani offered 4 different flavors as well as one of their newest flavors; watermelon which I had to take because that day was National Watermelon day! My favorite item for breakfast would by far have to be the Nutuella Filled Donut from Doughnut Plant. It was beyond amazing and I couldn’t stop from wanting more.

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The First speaker of the morning was Tyler Gage founder of Runa Tea. Tyler talked about how he got into the business and his experiences along the way. During lunch we got to try Runa Tea it was delicious.


The First Panel was titled; Starting a Company Right out of college was one of my favorite panels of the day because I felt it was the most intriguing. Being that I just graduated college and would love to start my own business I felt that this was one of the panels I took the most out of. The second panel of the morning was How Technology is changing the way you eat. We got to hear from the co-founder of Feastly, Caviar, Blue Apron, Foodie52 and Mouth.com

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Lunch was provided by Digg Inn and was my ultimate favorite food that I tasked during the day. Digg inn is a seasonal market that brings fresh ingredients and top notch cooking to the table. With Tons of options to choose from we got to make our own plates for lunch. I had the chicken, steak over brown rice with corn and a little bit of kale. The meal was amazing. I would definitely take the trip into the city just to eat at Dig Inn.

Dessert after lunch was catered by @16Handles where we had a choice of 3 different flavors of fro-yo and could top off with any toppings from the toppings bar they created.

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After lunch everyone had the option to take headshots which is an awesome opportunity to use for a LinkedIn profile or for any other social media websites.

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In the afternoon we broke off inter different groups where we had the option of attending different seminars and classes. I attended Decorating Cupcakes with Kicky’s Kitchen Here we frosted and decorated our own cupcakes. Kicky’s Kitchen has created cupcake decorating kits which are perfect for kids and adults of all ages. She brought regular frosting as well as Boozy frosting. Her menu consists of cocktail cupcakes as well as your traditional cupcakes which are great for any occasion. Be sure to check her out at Kickyskichen.com At the end of the conference there was Happy Hour provided with goodies from insomnia cookies and cocktails from Rekordlig Hard Cider. The Happy Hour and raffles were a great way to end the day.

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I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend this amazing conference held by Spoon University. If you are a foodie and are looking to network with other foodies and entrepreneurs be sure to follow their blog and to be on the lookout for their next event.


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