#SCBDBeauty: Get your hair together with the Z Line



I’ve learned it can be really hard to find quality hair products nowadays that actually help your hair and keep it healthy. After searching far and wide and some greasy hair along the way, I found it. 

moisteure shampoo

moister conditioner

A few months back I was introduced to the ‘Z’ line by Zee of Splitenz Salon in Clinton. I tried the Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and have been hooked since.My hair always look top notch now and I’ve barely had any issues like I used to because my hair used to be a hot mess. The products are made to really help your hair not hurt it at all!

z volume shapoo

z volume conditioner

I love the products because they truly help your hair and don’t damage it! It’s done wonders to mine. Check out the ‘Z’ line to buy yours today!

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