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On a late Tuesday night in August, I reached out Jordan Younger, also known as The Balanced Blonde. She was formerly known as The Blonde Vegan, but needed to change her name due to extreme health issues. I sent along some questions for her to answer after I became intrigued by her Facebook page and her yoga ways! I was hooked when she began posting photos of her delicious treats and scrumptious snacks. 



With a killer body and sweet exterior, I couldn’t help but get the dish on her and her background!

Small Chick Big Deals: So, you mentioned having stomach problems and this was why you switched your eating habits? How were you eating previously and when did your stomach problems begin?
Jordan: Yes, I have suffered from undiagnosed stomach problems since a very young age. My parents say I was even that way as an infant. As a result of continuously feeling nauseous and bloated after eating, I learned to be very careful about what I did and did not put into my mouth. I tried to avoid fried food, oil, red meat, dairy and gluten, but the key word here was TRIED. I wasn’t 100% rigid about it. Then I tried out a plant-based vegan diet after trying a fruit, vegetable and nut cleanse and my stomach problems seemingly disappeared. I latched onto that feeling and decided I was never going to stop “cleansing.”
How did you feel once you switched your diet?
After I switched my diet I felt incredible in the beginning. I lost weight, had tons of energy, felt lighter and more content and didn’t suffer from the stomach problems or migraines I had previously experienced. In the beginning, there were no problems with the diet, and I was extremely rigid about it. No refined sugar, salt, oil, animal products or animal by products, gluten, or soy. I pretty much ate fruits, veggies, nuts and some grains (mainly quinoa)– and after two years of that, my body was begging for more variety.
I saw you workout as well. How often are you able to do that?
Yes, being active is extremely important to me. As a plant-based vegan, I still worked out daily, whether that be power vinyasa yoga, running or conditioning classes at the gym. When I started losing energy because of the lack of nutrients in my body, I knew it was time I needed to switch up my diet. I couldn’t possibly sacrifice my workouts! That is not a balanced life.
Are there days you just don’t feel like heading to the gym? If so, how do you stay motivated?
Yes, of course. There are days I feel tired and rundown and there are days where I find it hard to motivate myself to get there. There are also days (like today) that I get super wrapped up in my work and feel torn between going to the gym, which I know will make me feel amazing, and continuing working, which is also important and productive. I stay motivated because I know how great working out makes me feel. Exercise is such an amazing emotional and physical relief. Without it, my body doesn’t feel right and I don’t even sleep as well. When I feel sluggish or tired, I usually know the gym will make me feel a lot better. That being said, when I feel TOO tired I also listen to my body. It’s always important to make sure you don’t push yourself too hard.
What are some of your go-to recipes you eat?
I love wild salmon with quinoa and roasted veggies. I have a great Chili Lime Salmon recipe on my blog! I LOVE my raw vegan peanut butter cup recipe. And every morning, I tend to have some variation of oatmeal because I love it so much. I also eat a lot of eggs!
Do you ever eat out? If so, where do you go?
Of course! I eat out a lot. Some of my favorite spots in LA are True Foods Kitchen, Cafe Gratitude and Rawvolution. I like healthy places that use ingredients I can trust, but I am no longer limited to strictly vegan organic restaurants because I am no longer so deeply attached to my food fears. In NYC, I love Hu Kitchen, Candle 79 and Buddakan.
Additionally, Jordan is partaking in a sushi roll competition with Katsuya in LA. If her roll wins, it will be featured on their menu for the month of October & 50% of the proceeds will go toward breast cancer research funding! Her yummy Sushi & Kale roll is the fourth one in the right hand column labeled “The “Oh Kale Yes!” roll. Be sure to vote for it here
When I asked her about how she got involved in this competiation she told me, “I got this opportunity because a friend of mine works for SBE Entertainment, and SBE represents the restaurant Katsuya! They are partnering with bloggers and other influencers for breast cancer awareness month, so I got the opportunity to create a roll and participate!”
This contest runs until September 29th, so hop on over to this page and to vote now!
Are you interested in checking out her segment on The Doctors TV as well? Check it out here
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Happy eating!
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