#SCBDReview: July [email protected] Power Up Challenge


As promised, I am posting my completed Power Up Challenges that was included within the July Birchbox. While this is very delayed, I still wanted to post it and allow others to complete this challenge too. There is not time limit and there is no right time to complete it. Just challenge yourself to new things, and be good! To refresh your memory, the Power Up Challenge is a book of 12 different cards filled with a new challenge. By completing all of these cards to the best of my ability, I really felt empowered and accomplished! Finishing something is such a great feeling, especially when it is something that is going to help you be more positive and expand your knowledge and mind!

You can check out on Instagram and Twitter the hashtag #PowerUpChallenge to follow others who completed this fabulous challenge and even get a chance to win. Check out Birchbox.com/PowerUpChallenge for more details and a full list of the cards!

I will briefly quote the challenges and what I did to complete it! Feel free to comment with any questions or concerns, I would be more than happy to help out and give you more tips with each challenge! Instagram me @Kri0000 or Tweet at me @BeautiflTragedi to ask and contact me!

Challenge number one is ‘Write it Down’. “Keeping a workout log is like a written pat on the back: See how far you’ve come, recommit to your routine, and motivate yourself to keep pushing.” I used to do this in the past before I read this, and I reminded me to keep a written note or pad with what I have done. It really helps me understand how hard I am working, it is very motivating. When I see all I do, it helps me understand days I should rest or do a lighter workout as well as not loading up on the same workout day in and day out. It makes me happy and accomplished as well seeing all I am doing and the different things I am trying out! It is great in so many ways to keep track. I actually keep track of it in my agenda book under the ‘monthly’ calendar in between each month’s pages. I write it in green pen with the workout I did and how long in minutes I completed. I started to write then in a neutral color how it made me feel.

Challenge Pic 1

Challenge number two is ‘Part Your Hair Differently’. “As much as we like the idea of summer makeovers, major change can be intimidating. Take the less committal route by switching your part. You’ll be surprised at the difference a new direction can make—and it might even convince your to go for a big chop or color job.” Another great challenge, I used to get bored of my hair when I was in college, so I would change the part. I never wanted to dye or cut my hair, so instead a part change is awesome. Even a new hair style does the same thing, such as a braid, bun, or even a twist. It makes a huge difference, it really refreshes your look plus you feel awesome afterwards. My hair always has more volume too when I dry it one way then flip the part to change up the look. It is fun and doesn’t need to be perfect. Sometimes I also diagonal my part, such a subtly difference makes a nice look update that other’s notice!

Challenge Pic 2

Challenge number three is ‘Eat Veggies For Breakfast’. “We all know the health benefits of vegetables (for starters, they lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers), but it can be tough to get in the daily recommended 2.5 cups. Solution: Work produce into breakfast to ensure you start things on the right (green) foot.” I love vegetables, especially in the morning. I already add things to my eggs every morning, such as Avocado, Spinach, Kale, and Mushrooms. By reading the tips on the back of these cards, they recommended to try things such as asparagus and zucchini and other greens. I am so excited to go shopping now to find more green veggies to add to my morning meal!

Challenge Pic 3

Challenge number four is ‘Get Out of Your Color Comfort Zone’. “Take inspiration from Pantone’s shade of the year, and slick on an orchid-toned lip or nail color. Not only is this shade of purple wearable, but it’s a fresh update on your usual red or pink.” This is great, I just took a chance on a mani-pedi and did a purple on my toes and a very neutral on my fingers. My usual summer go to is some shade of pink, usually florescent and bright! So I was nervous making this choice, but I was so happy I did. The neutral on my fingers really let my lavender toes pop. They were feminine and so summery and light. It made my feet feel so pretty and elegant. Adding a touch of different color makes that part of you pop more than usual. You also feel more confidence and outgoing! Try it out, worst thing you wash it off and try another shade!

Challenge Pic 4

Challenge number five is ‘Sit Smarter’. “Slouching can zap your energy and your mood—and over time may lead to muscle fatigue, pain, and even injury. Straighten up by practicing smart sitting techniques.” I am guilty of slouching; I think it is my middle name especially when I am working on the computer or at work! I usually put a leg up on the chair too and sit on it, which no matter what you cannot sit up properly when one leg is on the chair. I try not to sit all the way back anyway, the tip on the card says to sit near the front of the chair rather than leaning all the way back, both feet on the floor, and your head should be straight. It really is empowering and motivating to sit up. When I get tired or my brain feels like I need a break, I always try to reposition the way I am sitting. Usually it ends up with me planting my feet on the floor and sitting up straight! It really does snap me back to having motivation and clears my head because my body is all lined up and ready to go! I personally know it is hard to do this during your whole work day, but at the very least try to do it for short periods of time! You can even take like every hour a few minutes to reposition and scan over your body to sit up and focus on your alignment. If you do this, I guarantee eventually you will be sitting straight most of the time at work! Go ahead, give it a try.


Challenge number six is ‘Skip the Mirror’. “We know… they’re everywhere! But try dodging mirrors for a day (yes, your camera phone counts). One study found that gazing at your reflection for up to 10 minutes increases anxiety. Focus on how your feel—not how you look.” This is so true, some mornings I will wake up and feel fabulous, check my reflections, feel fabulous. Then I start to stare more and see the flaws on my body, or well the flaws that my mind makes up about my body! Our mind is our worst enemy sometimes, so by skipping the longs stares in the mirror, it really does help. I had to look when I woke up just to be sure there’s no makeup and to get my contacts on. But then, the whole day I decided to not take long looks in the mirror. Maybe a mirror here or there is okay as a quick, and I mean quick, glance. One thing that was hard is at the gym, I do a lot of fitness classes, so I look at myself in the mirror. So I decided today’s class to not look in the mirror, and let me tell you it is a different class! It was awesome, I was able to really feel the moves I was doing and understand my body more during these moves. Looking at the mirror makes me feel like I am not present, but instead focusing on how I look so I look like I am doing the moves right. By focusing on my body not in the mirror, I felt so present and in control. It wasn’t just a move on its own, but instead a move I was controlling. As far as outside the gym, looking at no mirror was pretty hard! I showered and had to look in the mirror to dry my hair and put make up on for dinner. So instead of completely cutting it out, I decided I am going to think only positive thoughts when I look into the mirror. I will say what looks like best, and compliment myself. Since it is hard to cut out mirrors completely, I like this idea. As soon as I start thinking negative, I will focus on a positive thing and walk away! They also recommended that if you can’t do it, log how many times you did look and then try to cut that in half. Once you got the hang of it, try it out for a day, week, or even longer! I know I wouldn’t be able to do that, but it is helping me understand that I check myself out in the mirror way too much and I usually focus on a negative. So think positive!

Challenge Pic 6

Challenge number seven is ‘Up your Sleep Quality’. “For total-body well-being, nothing beats more (and better) sleep. Focus on maximizing your shut-eye with a few simple tricks”. These tips were fabulous, it says to start out (on a Monday if you can) to go to bed five minutes earlier than the evening before. Then each night do the same thing, but the end you will be going to be up to 30 minutes earlier! The next tip was to skip your afternoon and evening coffee or caffeinated drinks. I started doing this after I graduated college. I could not get into a routine, so finally I cut out soda and caffeinated tea for most of the day. I only drank it in the morning or afternoon! It really did help! Finally, the last tip says to cut out any gadgets such as TV, Phones, Computers, and Tablets for an hour before bed. Keep your room dark, and cool. I have not been able to cut out my cell phone from my pre-sleep routine yet, but I know it would help. Some nights I get so distracted that I stay on my phone for hours after I was ready to fall asleep! I love having it cool and dark, I even cover my cable box some nights because the dull glow of the clock on it can cause me to toss and turn! I love the fact of going to bed as little as 5 minutes earlier, it makes a difference. Now by the end of the week Ill be asleep at a more normal time!

Challenge Pic 7

Challenge number eight is ‘Log 10 minutes of Outdoor Time Daily’. “Research indicates that spending time in nature—even something as small as a patch of grass, if you live in a city—could help protect your heart, brain, and overall well-being”. I love being outside, especially eating or relaxing outside. Well actually, doing anything outside! Any excuse to be there, I will be! At my old job, I used to take my lunch break and go outside. If it was raining or too cold (in the winter) I would go to my car and eat in there. This way I could crack the window and still observe the beautiful nature by my job. Even though I was inside my car, I still got the relaxing benefit and the beauty to watch while I relaxed. The tips say to reroute your commute to drive, bike, or walk by some greenery. I have done this too, I love taking the ‘scenic routes’ to work or where ever I am going. My favorite is going to my boyfriend’s house, I take the longest way sometimes so I can see more trees, streams, farms, and woods! This is something that is so important, keep mother nature close to you, it is so beautiful! Something I want to share, is when I was leaving my boyfriend’s one evening last month, I drove up to a bridge and just stopped and looked out. I could see the beautiful trees dancing in the moon light, hear the creeks water going over the rocks, and a slight hum of the evening bugs. Then the most beautiful sight I have ever seen is the lightning bugs. There are no words to describe the beauty of looking up and all around you to the twinkling and sparkling of thousands of fireflies in the night sky and in the trees. Go out and discover the beauty around you, you won’t be disappointed!

Challenge Pic 8a

Challenge Pic 8b

Challenge Pic 8c

Challenge number nine is ‘Go on a Blue Streak’. “In addition to bring a nice alternative to your basic black, blue eyeliner has the added benefit of disguising tired eyes. Cool hues work to tone down any redness and also make the whites of your eyes look brighter.” This one is great, I never knew the benefits of using blue liner, I started using blue when I got a sample of one from BirchBox. I usually like lining my upper only, but for an extra pop (the tips said this too) add it to the water line on the bottom! I have various shades of blue liners too. Darker blue is great for a little pop, it is still dark and close to a black but has a little edge and pop than it. I wear a teal at times too, its fun and a great way to change a simple outfit. Playing with different color liners is so easy, no need to change your lid color, just the liner and you are done! I end up pairing it a lot with neutrals.

Challenge Pic 9a

Challenge Pic 9b

Challenge Pic 9c


Challenge number ten is ‘Sneak Cardio Into Your Day’. “We know you’re (crazy) busy. But you can still work exercise into your schedule. Research has found that even small, simple changes make a difference in overall fitness.” I love this, the tips on the back says to take the stairs, walk on your break, or even do some fitness during commercials of television shows! Any little bit helps, so why not try it out! When you are outside, it is the perfect time to do some cardio and workouts, even if it is just a walk! On the beach, instead of vegging out the entire beach day, take a walk or jog down the beach. I love going where there aren’t any hotels, but instead to the more deserted areas. It is so relaxing and peaceful! Go ahead, add it in even five minutes. Then move forward and do it longer next time!

Challenge Pic 10a


Challenge pic 10b

Challenge number eleven is ‘Take a Cold Shower’. “Research Suggests that taking cold showers may improve circulation, boost your immune system, and increase your metabolism. Chilly showers can even improve your outlook (counterintuitive, we know) by stimulating parts of the brain associated with mood!” On a hot summer day, my favorite thing to do is to take a cold shower. Not iced cold, but cool. I don’t want to shock my body, but by having it cool it really does refresh you! Just as you splash cold water on your face when you’re tired or hot, this is the same but for your whole body. Today after m cardio at the gym, I came home hopped in the shower like I normally do. It was warm at first, then I decided this is my time to do a full cold shower. I lowered the warm water, and it was so refreshing. It is hard to explain, but it is a great feeling! I used to rinse my hair off in cool water, but I have not done it in a while. Now I will do it for my whole body. It is good for your hair, from what I have been told, but it is even better for your body! It is great for muscle soreness and fatigue too! Try it out, but don’t make it too cold. Let your body get used it to it like I did, and make it cool a little at a time!

Challenge Pic 11

Challenge number twelve is ‘Perfect Your Push-Up’. “This old-school move is one of the most effective ways to tone your whole body. It’s also one of the easiest exercises to do improperly—or to psych you out about. But with a little practice, you can aster the full-form push-up.” Push-ups are one of the best workouts, no matter who you are they are good for you to do. And there are so many varieties, but the most important is learning how to do one (or more) perfect one. Good form is important, even if you can only do one or have to do it modified.

I want to complete more challenges like this in my life, any suggestions comment below! I will be in search for future ones and post them on here! Be Healthy and Happy.

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