#SCBDRecipes: Let Them Eat Kale Sausage & Egg Scramble Recipe


Let Them Eat Kale! By Julia Mueller recipe book is fabulous for all; if you love kale or even if you hate it! There is so many different ways to add kale to a meal, and this book really shows you how to be creative with complex meals as well as simple meals. The recipes are very detailed too; I found them really easy to follow too. I am far from knowing how to cook well, but this book really made it easy and fun! I learned that I do have an inner chef in me and I was able to show it with several of these recipes. I will in the future post more from this awesome recipe book, below I will show you the one I am obsessed with for breakfast!


The recipe is Sausage and Kale Scramble (located on page 41).



A delicious and easy breakfast, that can serve 3 to 4 people or refrigerate it for an easy heat up the next day for yourself! Either way, it is fresh, delicious, and healthy! A great start to any day!


2 ingredients


3 in the pan

4 close up


Photo 1 b

All of these recipes are so fresh, delicious, and healthy! A great start to any day! You can also heat up the next day for yourself if you make enough, that is what I did!

Photo 1 a

Check out the book at your local Book Store, or online.


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