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Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture ($25 – $95)

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Juicy makes some great scents of perfume, this one is another great one too! It initially smells a bit like alcohol, but once it settles down after the spray it smells very nice. It is a little bit on the sweeter side, with a deeper dark and rich scent. It is still very light though, a good choice.

Noir Cosmetics Long-Wear Eyeliner ($15)

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This is a great eyeliner, it goes on pretty smooth and stays on long. It did fade a little, but lasted an evening of wearing it. I do like this, although it is not my favorite.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel ($48)

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Is product was very interesting. It was not an actual peel, as the directions stated to put a thick layer of the clear product all over your skin. You let it sit for about 20-30 seconds. During this time, the product gelled up and became a bit harder. Then the directions state to rub in a circular motion the product for 2-3 minutes. I did this, but stopped at about 2 minutes because it was a long time to rub, my fingers starting feeling tingly, and the product was chunking and all weird. I then rinsed it off. I did not like this product, my skin felt weird and almost sore after wards, while it did clean my face good, it was just a weird process to come by and I feel it was a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin. It smelled almost like an antibiotic cream and is something I do not recommend.

Rituals Zensation Shower Foam ($15)

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This product is unlike any product for showering I have used. I always have gel Shower gels or soap, I have never used a foam to wash my body or as soap. I really love this product, and this is probably one of my favorite products I have received from Birchbox. A little bit of the foam goes a long way. I used about a silver dollar size, and that was more than enough to clean my entire body. I loved the foam action allowed me to make to I didn’t miss any spots either; it foams up a lot and feels so refreshing. The smell is also an amazing aspect of this, it smells fabulous and refreshing! I highly recommend trying this product, I am pretty sure you will absolutely love it like I do!

Whish Shave Crace- Acai Grapefuit ($20)

5 (1)

I love this product. The scent is fabulous; it is a very unique scent. It goes on great and really aids in the shaving process. I used this under my arms, and it left them smooth, not itchy or bumpy, and soft. I really like the Whish products I have tried, great company!

I got a Bonus in my box this month, a ChapStick. This is a brand new Duel ChapStick for moisturizing and renewing. The Moisture side is a Soft Vanilla and the Renew size is a Botanical Medley. This product worked well, but the scents were not my favorite as well as the Renew side, I didn’t like how it felt going on. Once they are on, you don’t feel it and it does last long though. If you are a vanilla scented fan, you will love this product. And sometimes dealing with a scent you don’t like for good results is worth it, since I said it really did moister my dry lips well!

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