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Hikari Cosmetics Cabernet Lipstick ($13)
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I absolutely loved this lipstick, I don’t wear lipstick enough but when I put this one on it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything! It stayed on long, even though eating and drinking. It lightened a bit after those activities, but still looked so pretty. It was a very nice shade of red. It was not too bright or dull, a great product.

Crown Brush C476 Crease/Shadow ( $17.50)

3 (3)

These brushes are a little more course than I am used to, but work very well. I could feel them on my eye lid. The thickness though allows the color to not come off too much, it is also really convenient having two brushes on one, since you usually or at the least can use them hand in hand. I personally would not buy another brush, I have my favorites already!

Pacifica Natural Eye Pencil in Fringe ($11)
4 (2)

This pencil was okay, it was a nice brown color but it did not last too long. It wore off really fast and didn’t go on too smooth. Again this is not a favorite for me and I actually do not recommend it.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair deep conditioning mask ($26.00)
5 (2)

I did not like this product. At first I noticed that it did not smell that good. It was a subtle smell, but not one I liked. I went to put it in my hair; I had to use a lot in order to cover my head, almost the entire sample bottle. Once I put it on and spread it, I let it sit about 5 minutes. When I went to rinse it out I noticed my hair felt very knotty and tangled. When I went to brush my hair out after, the same thing happened. It was knotty and hard to brush, it hurt. So I had to put some of my spray conditioner to un-tangle it. When my hair was dry, my hair did feel softer than normal and looked much more fluffy and volumized. It still felt knotty to touch though, I had to brush my hair a few times through the day, usually I do not need to. I would not recommend this product, there are so many more deep conditioners that I have used that are fabulous. Try those, not this one!

NYX Eye Shadow in Arrogance ($4.50)

 6 (3)

I love this color, it is almost like a dark purple. I added it with the Crown Crease and Shadow Brush to a shadow stick base. It blended nice and added a hint of color. It did not go on too dark, which is awesome because I am then able to add this on top and with other colors without it looking to clownish or dark! A great color and product, especially for fall and winter!



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