#SCBDEventRecap: [email protected] Falls for Pumpkin (National Pumpkin Pie Day Event): a Recap of this Pumpkin Filled Event


I got to attend the Pumpkin Fest sales and sampling event at The Fresh Market in Bedminster, NJ. I went on the first day, Saturday October 25th out of the two days this event went on. It was between the hours of 1 and 6. The Saturday offered in store trick-or-treating! This was great because I was able to see some little kids and families dressed up ‘trick-or-treating’ around the store!





This event was fabulous! I was so happy I was able to attend. Everyone was so nice! The staff was so helpful and knowledgeable. I easily had a few minute conversations with all staff at the tables. They were great with explaining what it was, how it was prepared, and even tips about having it! The following are the items I got to try!

 photo 1

Pumpkin Yogurt Pretzels ($6.99)

            These pretzels were awesome, they tasted sweet but with a pumpkin hint to them. I usually do not like candy covered pretzels, but this one changed my mind! I loved it and highly recommend everyone to try them!


photo 2


Apple Wedge Cider

            This was delicious, tasted so fresh. They served it cold, I would have loved to try it warm. Warm cider is my favorite! A great choice for fall.


photo 3


Harvest Pumpkin Salsa with four different types of Way Better Chips

            The salsa was so delicious especially with these chips made from beans and vegetables. There was corn, sunflower, black bean, and sweet potato. All of these chips were delicious! I tried each one, and was so happy I did. I love adding healthy chips into my diet. And this salsa was beyond great, a must for the fall season.


photo 4


Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Walnut Cake

            My favorite dessert is Pumpkin Pie. This pie was only $8.99 and tasted just like a homemade pie! They make them fresh in store, and it was so delicious! The Walnut Pumpkin cake was also so good. It was moist and great to accompany a hot tea or cider on a cool fall evening.


photo 5


Noosa finest Yogurt

            This was not a pumpkin tasting, but instead was a Lemon and Cheery Yogurt. It was delicious, a bit on the sweet side but rich and smooth. It would be great as a snack or dessert or even on top of a plain cake!

 photo 1 (1)


Iced Cream

            They offered Coffee, Dark Chocolate, and a Lime iced cream. I did not try these, but I heard from others that it was such a good

 photo 2 (1)


Burrata Cheese and tomato, basil, and cheese

            These were my favorite sample of non-pumpkin! This cheese was so rich and creamy and delicious alone! Then to add the tomato, basil, and cheese on a toothpick with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette made it so much better. It was declivous and I can’t wait to recreate this for family and friends.


photo 3 (1)


Pumpkin Pie Coffee with ChiaCrisps Crunch Dill Pickle Chips and Crispy Fruit Pineapple

            All three were great, the coffee had such great taste to it and was great to enjoy either with sugar and cream or alone! It was such a rich pie taste! The Dill Pickle Chips were also delicious, such a great snack to have when craving some salty taste. If you like pickles, you will love these low calorie snack! Finally, the Crispy Fruit Pineapple was dried pineapple. This is one of my favorite dried fruits, so good!

 photo 4 (1)


Pumpkin Cinnamon Caramel Sauce drizzled over pound cake and Pumpkin covered almonds

            Another great dessert, the Caramel sauce was so good over the plain pound cake. You could even put this sauce over iced cream or pie or dip apples into it. It is so versatile and so yummy. The Pumpkin covered almonds were very sweet, not my favorite. But if you like candy coated almonds, give this a try!

photo 5 (1)


Another fabulous event through The Fresh Market, until next time keep checking out their great food, beverage, and knowledgeable staff for great savings, deals, and recipes!

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