#SCBDEventRecap: Cosmopolitian Magazine’s FunFearlessLife Event


On November 9, I attended the Fun Fearless Life event in New York City hosted by Cosmopolitian Magazine. It was two days of pure Cosmo bliss, but I only made it to the Sunday event.


Firstly, I was more than thrilled to be at this wonderful & glamorous event. I felt as if I belonged. Now, remember, I worked for 2 magazines, so I felt the energy of the magazine peeps around me. That might sound rather odd, but you never understand how it truly is in this industry until you ever work or intern. 


I have to say, Joanna Coles— EIC of Cosmopolitian— is absolutely SPLENDID. She talked about sex, used the F* word and slouched in her chair showing the rest of the room she was no better than anyone else. I’ve always been a fan of her and was thrilled to hear that she was set to be the host!

At this event, other than learning we’re all well, #FunFearlessandFabulous, she invited speakers who told us to feel confident, comfortable with who we are, never settle for anything, look flawless and how beautiful we really all are. On Sunday, Jillian Michaels– who is my IDOL- attended along with Kelly Osbourne, Gabrielle Bernstein, Michelle  Herrera Mulligan, Katherine Vargas, Jason Silva, Gabrielle Union, Alexa Von Tobel, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Tara Stiles, Elizabeth Crystal, Christene Barberich, and Adam Rosante.


I must say, they were all fantastic! We were given a FREE Express purse, Maybelline makeup as well as a Portable phone charger. I could not have asked for a better day. I learned a ton from this day and am thankful I went. I was able to take some photos as well. I’m telling you- one day, I’m going to be famous.

Now, I’m telling you this- We are all beautiful in our own way. No matter what size, shape or color we are, we’re all gorgeous girls. This is something I must learn as well as you- Feel more confident with yourself. This event taught me to feel better about who I am and push through the bad times. I can do it and so can you! 

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