#SCBDExclusive: Drink Up! It’s National Espresso Day!



I’m pretty sure every day is ‘Espresso Day’ (or at least lots and lots of coffee or caffeine day) for me! I love it! So, I definitely don’t need the excuse of, National Espresso Day to pour some of that deliciousness down my throat!

I did think it would be fun though to dive into some of the ‘fun facts’ about espresso. Some of those things we might not all already know. And, given today is National Espresso Day – what better day?!

Did you know….

1. Coffee beans are actually the pit of a berry. Which makes them a fruit. The best fruit? I’d say so. (Even though I am quite partial to raspberries!)

2. In Italy being a barista is a highly respected profession. And, much unlike the United States, the average age of a barista is 48.

3. Caffeine does not actually help you sober up.

4. You think Starbucks is overpriced? Well, try ordering a cup o’ joe with 16 shots of espresso (1400mg of caffeine). It will run you about $23+.

5. Hawaii is the only state in the United States that cultivates coffee.

6. Coffee is second most traded commodity in the world – second only to oil.

7. Espresso is not a bean. It is a brewing method – it is prepared by shooting pressurized, hot water through finely ground coffee.

8. Coffee can be used to fuel a car. (Not sure I’d go this route though…)

I’m an Americano kind of gal.. tweet us and spill the beans (yeah, yeah…awful joke…), how do you drink your espresso?

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