#SCBDFashion: Edit Your Closet


It’s about that time of year! You know… that time of year when you get to swap out the cute spring and summer tanks, dresses and sandals for your comfy sweaters, pants, boots and other warm winter-wear. 

I know just as well as the next gal how hard it can be to part with certain items, and how difficult even just making the decision to say goodbye can be. But, it is something you’ve gotta do to stay organized and keep that season’s wardrobe at a decent size (ha! what’s the fun in that, right!?) so you have space for the new items you want to purchase.  (there is no need to save everything you have ever owned and loved – things go out of style and/or people change. you are not always going to love to wear that one skirt or those heels that were SO FAB 5 years ago.) I know everyone says it, but make piles.

Make a pile of the items you will:  

KEEP some of these

may need to be laundered or ironed after coming out of storage and when you are ready to put them away you will be able to do so in a more organized fashion. 

DONATE pretty self-explanatory. When I have my pile of clothes to donate, I let my sister and cousins so through it just in case there is something they would love to have. (I just stick these items straight into a bag so they are out of my way, ready to go and out of sight – just in case something was hard to part with. 😉 ) 

TOSS let’s be honest, sometimes there are just things that you shouldn’t donate (items with holes or stains, personal garments, etc.) 

SELL I don’t do this very often, but you might want to. It’s not a bad idea!

So now you’re ready to go through and start editing. Don’t be too nice!  Keep only the pieces that you will truly wear again. Not those items you might will fit into again. Not that shirt that might go with something, someday. I guarantee you, 99% of the time, you will not wear these items again.  

Each season, I try to get a little cut-throat about deleting from my closet and real about what I will actually wear. Of course, there are those pieces I can’t bear to part with at that moment but I tell myself that if when the season is over, I haven’t worn it, it is gone. Makes sense, right?  If you only own pieces you love and actually wear, figuring out what to wear is SO much easier!  

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