#SCBDReview Arizona Iced Tea and Skinny Girl Sparklers


The other day, I was chatting with the PR gal from Arizona Iced Tea and she mentioned sending along some samples to Brett & I to sip on. She told me she’d hook me up and the next day, I received an Arizona bag filled with Lightly Sweetened, Unsweetened and Lemon Oak Brewed Tea along with Pink Grapefruit, Pineapple Coconut, Tangerine Mango and Strawberry Lemonade Skinny Girl Sparklers


I opened the Tangerine Mango and was blown away at how delish and yummy it tasted. It’s a carbonated sparkling water beverage with only 5 calories per serving. I’m a health guru, so when It saw that, I was ecstatic! Also, I happen to be a MAJOR fan of Mango and drank the whole thing! Additionally, there aren’t any artificial color or flavors! If you are a fan of the brand Skinny Girl, I suggest you try out this new line of products that will leave you smiling.


I’m determined to try every single one of them in the next few days and I know they won’t leave me feeling disappointed! As for the Iced Tea, Brett tried the Lightly Sweetened and boosted how delicious and smooth it tasted. He ranted and raved about the subtle hint of honey and how it has zero calories per serving! 

In the end, we were both fully satisfied and thank Gina for providing us with some yummy samples to try!


Now, I suggest you pick up some Arizona Iced Tea and Skinny Girl Sparklers today so you can too be amazed at the taste!

Happy drinking!

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