#SCBDExclusive: 2014 #NewYears #Reflection



Hi readers,

It’s been a long time and about time I write a reflection and letter from the Editor-in-chief. First off, I want to thank you for your continual loyalty and support this past year. I’ve hit so many speed bumps in my personal life and could not keep this going without all your excitement for what we have coming up. It’s nice to know that you guys are able to grow with me whether you are reading a post here, checking what’s going on Insta (which I’m always posting on), snapping me a pic of your food and more. It’s the little things and interactions which go a long way in my eyes.

I promise you, which also means promising me that this next year you will see more of the #SCBDteam out and about. Also after this long-awaited wait, the premiere of #SCHomemadeBites will be happening soon and a lucky couple readers may also get to attend the premiere party I am planning! I personally have so many new things to share with you such as recipes, reviews and more! 

This year has been the most challenging for me thus far and I appreciate your grace and understanding.  All I know is I plan on coming back better than ever in 2015 to “slay”!

Stay tuned!!! Hugs and kisses


Sara aka The Small Chick 

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